Crime is why I have not been visiting your blogs recently.  I am sure you understand.

It breaks my heart to say we have had a huge increase in break-ins in the homes of our little village.  So much so we have had to implement day and night patrols with a few volunteers.  It always seems to be the same group of people who step up to the plate without question.

Neighbourhood watch logo

We have held emergency meetings, compiled a constitution, code of conduct, created a logo, collated emergency patrol schedules, got all the necessary indemnities and ID card requirements in place, created Neighbourhood Watch and Patrolling What’sApp groups for instant emergency communication, rallied support from our Rate Payers Association for purchasing equipment necessary for patrols and even received confirmation of donations all within a week and half – not bad going.

While we fine tune our efforts, I would greatly appreciate if you have any advice or policies to help us.

I am really missing reading all your news, recipes and stories and promise to be over just as soon as the dust has settled here.

61 thoughts on “CRIME

  1. Hi Mandy
    My house was broken into twice before I bought it my real estate agent told me. It is very isolated in the woods in Maine, USA . They ripped all the wiring and plumbing out for the copper. I have been here for four years and not had a problem yet. I bought a fake camera that blinks red every 2 seconds mounted on my roof overlooking my entrance which came with a warning sticker which I put in the window nearby for when I am away. The batteries die every 2 months. I think it could be helpful for your home. Here is a link for the camera on …
    It is only $6.99 US dollars. Maybe that would give you some feeling of security. I hope you stay safe and healthy.
    All my best.
    Dan in the deep woods of Maine

    • More than anything else at this stage Celia, I am extremely tired from meetings and working until all hours of the night. I am sure it will all settle soon. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  2. I’m *so* sorry to hear it, Mandy. A universal pox! We have been incredibly fortunate in and around our own homes and persons, but nobody is completely unscathed. It sounds like you and your neighbors are doing the best you can in the circumstances. Information and communication are definitely the best defenses. You remain always in my heart. Be safe, and may better times lie very close at hand.


  3. Sorry to hear you are experiencing some tough times Mandy, that’s a little bit scary, but does sound like you are getting it under control and managing the awful situation promptly. Sending you lots of love and hugs, please stay safe. Thinking of you, miss you. xox

  4. Oh Dear, sorry to hear your little village has caught up with the rest of the country. So sad 😦 Keep safe. Laura

  5. Think like a criminal Monitor road access Dismantle your firearm so if your home is broken into it is unlikely the criminal will find all the pieces of your weapon Garden beams are a great deterrent as well as an asset to the value of your property Also sensor lights startigically placed. Make sure your sleeping quarters is secure and cannot be penetrated easily Have an escape plan… what if…

  6. I’m so sorry to hear this. We do hear a lot about crime in SA and how household break-ins are quite common. It’s a shame residents are having to resort to such measures. I hope you and your neighbours will all be safe xx

  7. Stay safe my friend, I can’t believe this 😦
    I wish I could tell you something substantial, I have nothing though!! Keep up the patrols and I hope those awful people get caught soon!


  8. So sorry to hear about the break-ins in the homes of your little village, that must be very nerve racking and unsettling not to mention feeling violated and wondering if anything happened during a trip just to the store not to mention when out-of-town. Unfortunately with volunteering It always seems to be the same group of people who step up to the plate without question, hopefully someone can come with an idea to get everyone in the village involved.

  9. Oh Mandy I’m so very sorry. We all have the right to feel safe in our own homes and anyone that threatens this is evil. Stay strong, I hope your community will pull together and show these vile people that they can’t win.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this Mandy and now I’m worried about your safety. Hopefully the people responsible for this are just after property and not going to attack people but you need to be careful. It sounds as if you’ve got a good group organized and as much community awareness as possible to report any strange behavior is important. We live on a dead end street with just 9 houses in a very small town. The police have noted an increase in burglaries in our town but mainly on through streets and near highways…the idea being that they aren’t blocked in with one way in and out and that once on a highway they’re gone. That said, it’s one reason why I have a dog. I love my kitty but being in a very quiet, woodsy area I don’t mind anyone seeing how. big my dog is and how loud her bark. They don’t know that she’s not vicious. My husband complains when she barks and jumps at the door when people come but frankly if its a stranger, they have no business being on my property.

  11. So sorry to hear this. I live in a place where my front door is unlocked and while some crime happens it is rare. I can’t think what it must be like to feel vulnerable in your own home. Hope things improve.

    • It is really very sad to see how things have taken a turn here Sally. I do believe we (our little village) have taken the steps to combat it all. Have a beautiful week ahead. 🙂 xo

  12. How miserable.. hopefuly this is a small gang and they get the message.. I lived without a man in the house for years and worked in a high crime area (the police would not come in after 9 at night) and the advice of the residents there was get a BIG barking dog, and leave a pair of big boots at the door.. I always had a dog.. or have a recording of a barking dog that is motion triggered.. I also second the blinking red light, a friend of mine had one in his car.. worked like a charm.. what a trial.. hopefully your efforts will deter the criminals.. c

    • We had another incident this morning – just a chancer I think, walking into someone’s yard and stealing a cell phone from the kitchen. He was apprehended by 3 of our volunteer patrollers before the police arrived. We are all standing together – strong! I must admit though, I want to smack the people who’s phone was stolen upside the head because this is the second theft at their home because they do not lock their gates. Urgh. Why do some people just not learn. Right, vent over. We are all starting to put the blinking red light camera in C. Have a beautiful day and can’t wait to see pics of Marmalades babies. 🙂 xoxoxo

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