Ballerina and Batman Party

Isn’t that the most wonderful theme for a gorgeous little girl’s 6th birthday party.  Precious little Becky (my Godson Jamie’s sister) knows what she wants.  Got to love the finite decisions of this adorable youngster plus her insight of not wanting the boys to be left out with just a Ballerina theme.

Becky invite

The party invite – I removed the address and telephone details for privacy

Can’t believe it was a month ago we celebrated Becky’s 6th birthday and I am only sharing it with you now.  Pete was home that week so was able to join me for the trip to Plett to visit with family and attend this awesome birthday party.  It was a special and fun weekend.

Becky 6 bday  2

While all the final preparations for the party were under way, I snapped a few shots for the memory coffers.  Becky 6 bday  33

Becky was very happy to do a photo shoot in the garden and it seems brother Jamie also wanted in on the action, especially seeing as he was using every antic in the book not to get out of his pj’s. 🙂
Becky 6 bday  35

Breakfast consisted of some yoghurt and a couple of chocolates thrown in for good measure.  You got to love birthday party day preparations.

The birthday cake was a perfect and exquisite combination of the theme Ballerina and Batman.  The top half was a wonderful vanilla,the bottom half a decadent chocolate.

Becky 6 bday  60

Becky 6 bday  74

Even Bonnie dog was adorned with decorations.  At one stage she even had a tutu on.Becky 6 bday  90The gift table quickly filled up with beautifully wrapped presents for the birthday girl.

Becky 6 bday  104

Becky had a splendid day with her friends and they all enjoyed playing pass the parcel, statues aka the freezing game, arts and crafts, creating masterpieces in the sandpit and bouncing on the trampoline.

Becky 6 bday  177

Love you all, high as the sky.

I hope we will be able to enjoy Becky’s birthday with her next year.  I cannot wait to find out what theme she will choose.


45 thoughts on “Ballerina and Batman Party

  1. Thats too cute. What fun. I saw a kid in the supermarket dressed as pirate batman the other day. He had the full batman suit on with a pirate hat and an eyepatch. Now that’s what I call imagination! Ballerina batman sounds just perfect. Emma xx

  2. It looks like such a special birthday party. I just love the invitation! And the cake is gorgeous and how clever to incorporate two very different themes. The best photo is the one of the ballerina all dressed up and ready to go next to the boy in the striped pyjamas with food all over his face! xx

  3. Both Becky and Jamie are adorable! Is that a little bit of cake frosting on Jamie’s face? I guess he enjoyed some of the beautiful cake…did you make it? Becky looks so tall and is beautiful (love that outfit). Now how great is it that the dog got to celebrate too! I know when we have birthday parties here or at Christmas, Lola has the most fun of anyone tearing up the gift paper.

    • Think it was a bit of yoghurt Diane but on party days, who knows, could well be a little frosting. 😀 Oh my goodness, I can only dream of making a cake like this one – I will stick to my stock standard cupcakes. Bonnie dog is as much part of the family as anyone else, I know Lola is too – that’s just how it should be. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  4. What a clever girl! Batman and ballerinas. So thoughtful. IT looks like it was a fantastic party. Miss A would have loved all the pink for sure. 🙂

  5. Aw – I’ve come over all girly and mushy, what a lovely party and beautiful children. Bonnie is pretty cute too (but I’m biased as she looks rather like one of my pups Luna)!

  6. Words cannot express how much I love this theme. AND…. holy smokes the cake is amazing. 🙂 Tell Becky Happy Belated BDay from Australia. Wonder if I could get away with this theme for my next birthday. LOL! Hugs and love to you my friend. 320 days and counting. xoxo

    • Grand idea using this theme for your birthday Anna. Bet you would make a cake equally as amazing too! Hugs and love to you too. Woohoo the big countdown has officially begun! Have a wonderful day hon. 🙂 xo

  7. My daughter is turning 5 and wants this theme too, she was desperate for Ballerinas but a lot of her friends are boys so she said they should come as Batman:) Just wondering where you got the invite from as I would love something like this for her birthday.

    Thansk so muchfor sharing this with us.

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