As you know Pete does a lot of travelling and has everything well organised, down to booking his seat online 24 hours before flying.


On a recent trip home a few changes had to be made and the only return flight Pete could get was on Mango.  Problems started when neither of us could book his seat online.  The travel agent had equally as much of a problem but was finally able to email confirmation of Pete’s seat.

With the sad reality of his weekend at home coming to an end, we were back online to book a seat for his flight back to Johannesburg for a connecting flight to London.  On finally being able to log on, Pete’s flight had been changed from the morning flight to the afternoon flight, evidentially due to one of the airlines flights being cancelled the day before; so they put all the people from the cancelled flight onto Pete’s flight and pushed him to the later flight without any notification!

How can they NOT notify you of any changes!  Urgh!!!  What is happening to the service in this country.  We are going from bad to worse with SO many things.  Urgh!!!  Right, vent over.

Seriously though, how can they not notify you of putting you onto another flight!  What about folk who don’t book their seats online and arrive at the airport for the flight they booked but the airline decided to change it.  What about the ripple effect of all the changes involved?  Honestly, it is beyond me!

Pete and I both gave comment on their shocking service on facebook and twitter.  Seems nobody has anything positive to say about them – I am not surprised!

Have you ever had problems with flights before or with Mango specifically?



  1. Yep, been there done that 🙂 Two different flights one from CT and another form Durban – both late and delayed at last minute. The other bug bear at the moment is the 3 month PO strike 🙂 🙂 Laura

    • Laura, don’t get me started on the PO strike. We have had 3 parcels go AWOL and heaps of other things not arrive. Important stuff too, like our organ donor cards and information. Urgh! Okay, second vent over. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

    • Julie, after we posted on Facebook and twitter, we got a pathetic stock standard copied and pasted sorry for the inconvenience. That doesn’t cut the mustard with us. Here’s hoping they see this post. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  2. I have never flown Mango before so cannot comment on the airline. But, it is common practice to move people around on flights like this. However, I would expect them to let you know well in time. Sorry your weekend was taken up with such nonsense!

  3. Oh dear. I have never heard of Mango Airlines – nice name, shame about the service! It sounds like Pete had a horrendous experience and it just goes to prove my theory that every time you take an economy flight, it’s a further step down than the time before. When will it stop! xx

  4. That sounds awful. I was always worried something like that would happen when I was living in Europe and taking the discounted airlines anywhere, but I’ve been pretty luck so far. There’s supposedly a new airline launching here offering flights from Baltimore to Europe for $99, so I’d imagine there are going to be some horror stories from that.

    • So sad that the quality is lost on the “discounted” airlines. It wouldn’t take much to get thing right but they sure know how to get things wrong. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 xo

  5. That is so frustrating! I’m taking note never to fly Mango. We haven’t had too many bad experiences, except for one flight. They put all four of us in different areas. I was rather upset and would not let my kids fly unattended in another part of the plane. They are too young for that. The airline refused to help and told me I’d have to ask other passengers myself to switch. In doing so, I found several other families going through the same thing. Not sure what made the airline think this was a good idea. Fortunately some people were willing to switch, so I got the kids and I together. One lady wouldn’t budge though, so Mike was in another part of the plane (I’m sure he didn’t mind though. Lol.).

    • Oh Kristy, what an ordeal you went through. Seems there is no care for the “end user” any more. So sad. Pete is now safely in London. Have a wonderful day. I am getting ready for a run. I haven’t been as regularly of late and I can feel it so the sooner I get back into a routine the better. 🙂 xo

  6. As a general rule, I don’t fly on airlines named after fruit, Mandy., so, I’ll have no trouble avoiding Mango Air. 🙂
    So sorry Pete had to endure this. I’ve been there — thank you, Olympic Airlines! — and it makes for an extremely stressful travel day. Glad to see he made it to London. Hope he found a pub along the way. 🙂

    • It was dreadful all last minute John. Alls well that ends well I guess. We still have to wait another week for the refund! Pete is loving being back in London. He has sent me a couple of pics on What’sApp. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  7. Horrid. “Customer service” is apparently out of fashion all over the place these days. Hope Pete’s trip more than makes up for it and that *you* will have a grand time until his return—hopefully, not via Mango! Wish people thought as often and as deeply about the effects of their actions or inactions on others as they do about others’ on *them*!!! Who knows but what we might have a slightly more peaceable world in general, eh!

    Sending you much love and many hugs! At least we small fish can do *our* part. 🙂


    • Kath, I do hope this horrible customer service goes out of fashion really soon. Pete is having a wonderful time, could only be better if I was with him he says. 😀
      I believe if we all just had respect and manners for our fellow human beings, the world would be a happy and peaceful place.
      Thank you for your love and hugs Kath, makes me feel all better. Love and hugs right back to you dear. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 xo

  8. Customer service? Mandy what in the world are you talking about? I think airlines everywhere have gone downhill – from jamming people into a sqaure foot of space to making people sit in hot planes out on the runway for hours. In the US, they’ve at last and at least passed a few regulations on some things but not nearly what’s needed. But this is just beyond belief because, as you point out, the ripple effect of catching other flights is just not acceptable. I’m sure that someone who travels as much as Pete does is used to much better than this!
    I remember coming back from a vacation in Hawaii – we’d taken these little puddle jumpers between islands on the only option called Aloha Airlines…well aloha means both hello AND goodbye. After getting back home I was reading an article about how a flight on Aloha Airlinrs lost its roof…yes, the top somehow just blew right off mid flight. Lucky for those aboard, the planes never get high enough to cause oxygen deprivation but it would be a little disconcerting to look up and see sky.

    • Isn’t it awful the way things are going Diane. Pete can do this travelling thing blind folded with one hand tied behind his back he does it so often. No matter if other airlines are more expensive we will never use Mango again – problem being though they are affiliated to one of our bigger airlines – SAA (South African Airways). Oh dear me. things need to take a big up turn around here as everything is going from bad to worse. We didn’t think it was possible but here we are. I am not a negative person by any means, but I think I have just needed to have a good old vent about it all to get it out of my system.
      Now, I can tell you that I would have been screaming or would have passed out had I been on the little puddle jumper when the roof came off!
      Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 xo

      • it’s interesting to hear how things are where you are Mandy because I guess we’ve always thought that it’s just here in the US that customer service has gone downhill. I guess it doesn’t make me feel any better to hear that it’s a worldwide problem
        Every now & then though, you get that excellent experience that makes you feel good & want to keep doing business with companies that treat you right. I just ordered a duvet cover from Pottery Barn (i think that’s the one that you couldn’t see their website – where I bought my bathroom sink). I got this big box on Thursday & thought, gee that’s pretty big for a duvet cover – and it was. When I opened the box I found a very large wicker basket! Very nice basket, but hardly a duvet cover. So I called the company that night, got an answer with a REAL person within 2 rings, and explained the situation. The woman apologized, told me to keep the basket by way of apology for messing up my order (I checked & it an $89 basket!) and they had the duvet cover at my door before noon the next day. Maybe there is hope – probably not for the airlines though.

        • Diane, you are blessed to be in a first world country, me a third world – sadly it feels like it is getting worse. I thought the turnaround to getting our country back to where it should be was on the upswing. Guess we have to bump our heads a little more first. Now the company gifting you the basket is awesome! We need more companies like that. Have a beautiful week ahead. 🙂 xo

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