In My Kitchen – December 2014

Well, the end of the year jumps on you before you know where you are.  Just a few more sleeps and we will be at the beginning of another new year.

As always a big thank you to Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hosting this fun monthly event.  It’s great fun peeking into so many beautiful and different kitchens each month.  Please remember Celia needs all IMK posts submitted by the 10th of every month.

In my kitchen…

A full month ago (I really do need to keep up to speed) were cupcakes for our neighbours.  Their beautiful little daughter Jasmine was born after mommy went through 2 days of labour so I thought celebratory cupcakes were in order.

Jasmine's cupcakes

Love the detail on the teddy’s

Jasmine's cupcakes 1

All pretty in pink for baby Jasmine

In my kitchen…

Is a red quinoa salad.  Not sure the red is any different to the white and would probably mix the two just for colour effect.  I keep saying quinoa on its own is very bland but in this salad is an absolute winner!

Red quinoa salad

In my kitchen…

Well, actually in my bathroom but I wanted to share with you the beautiful hand crafted ebony candle stick Pete brought back from Malawi for me.

Malawi ebony candle stick

In my kitchen…

Is a new kettle.  Our old one suddenly gave up the ghost and was I in for a surprise to see how expensive kettles have become.


In my kitchen…

Is a new shelf in the spice cupboard.  What a difference a little extra space makes.

spice cupboard

Things are still skew from the water damage we had. Oh what a memory, something I hope never to endure again.

In my kitchen…

Is some raw honey Pete and I bought on a trip away and on reading the label comes from just down the road from where we live.

Raw badger friendly honey

What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun and drop her a quick note to let her know when your post will be up.


78 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – December 2014

  1. looooooooooooove everything, Mandy.
    those cupcakes are magical w/ the glitter & little bears.
    your candle! YES.
    And “YOU” are so organized in your pantry! WOW. Everything in perfect little rows…. xxx KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    • Awww Kim, you are too kind! Sadly I am one of those who likes everything in order – silly me. One day you can come and muddle them all up for me. Have a beautiful and happy day friend. 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Seasons eatings to you Mandy… love all the goodies in your kitchen this month… and those cupcakes… wow, very pretty indeed!

  3. Beautiful kitchen this month Mandy as usual. That candle stick is divine and well worth sharing! how do you get your cupcakes icing all glittery like that? And really there is nothing better than an organised spice rack 🙂 mine is a bit of a mess at the moment because I have run out of containers! Thanks for sharing! Liz x

    • Hi Liz, thank you for your lovely compliment. 😀 I get little containers of edible glitter which I flick on to the top of the icing using a silicone pastry brush. I have just replaced a few of my old spices so felt a tidy up was in order. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  4. Always love this series Mandy. The handcrafted candle stick is beautiful. Glad you included it. And I can’t believe we’re already flying through December either. 🙂

  5. such lovely cupcakes, Mandy, and how thoughtful to make them for your neighbors … oops … neighbours. I’m sure they were very much appreciated. Too bad there’s an ocean between us. We could barter pasta for cupcakes. 🙂

    • Oh John what a brilliant bartering idea! Now, if I can find that string to pull to bring us closer together, I will let you know. Have a wonderful day – hope it is full of colour – color. 😀 xo

  6. I’m with everyone else on the cupcakes, they’re gorgeous! But what i really want to do is light the candle int he beautiful candlestick and sit by candlelight dipping into that honey with a little spoon 😉

    • I agree Sandra, I could do with double the amount of shelf space and it was just like Christmas when the extra shelf went up. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. 🙂 xo

  7. Very impressed by the cup cakes also, I’m hopeless at icing! I love the look of that salad too, such great colour contrasts and I’m sure tasty as well.
    Thanks for giving us all a peek!

    • Hi Beck, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. The salad is an absolute winner – one I will definitely be making more and more as the weather heads into summer. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  8. Hi Mandy, how sweet of you to bring your neighbor cupcakes. My spice shelf is a complete mess, I can never find anything, your looks so nice and organized. Happy Holidays to you!

  9. Mandy…… Happy December my friend! 🙂
    Loving everything happening in your kitchen (& bathroom). Especially the glittery cupcakes, so cute. Your pantry looks amazing, I cant believe how organised you are. If anyone looked at my pantry, they would be disgusted, its a total shamble.
    As always, its a treat to see what’s cookin in your world.
    Hugs and love across the oceans.
    PS: I have started researching flights for my visit next year, and I have taken leave from work for the month of October. Tiny steps closer to finalising my trip to see you. Yay! 🙂

    • Happy December to you too hon. Tell you what, you can come and rearrange all my kitchen cupboards when you are here. 😀
      Woohoo, its official, the first steps have taken places, leave put it, looking at flights, soon we will be officially counting the sleeps. Can’t wait.
      Have a beautiful day Anna. 🙂 xoxoxo

  10. I love your cupcakes! They are so pretty and perfect for a new mother of a little girl with the gorgeous presentation box. I enjoyed reading the raw honey label, poetry in motion and how sweet of hubby to bring you back a candle from his travels. Super red quinoa salad too, I have enjoyed reading your blog 😀

    • Hi Merryn, thanks so much for stopping by and for your very kind words. I can’t wait to get shopping for some Christmas decorations for on top of festive cupcakes. My husband is a sweetheart and always finds the most apt gifts for me, love him so much! Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  11. 2 days of labour? Lordy! As for the kettle, it’s always the way. When something dies my first thought is usually ‘What? How can that have stopped working? I’ve only had it for a few years.’…checks paperwork…’Oh. 12 years!’. Thanks for the tour and for also taking the time to read my posts and leave a comment. cheers Fiona

  12. I think we should pour a cup of tea together Mandy, because now we have matching kettles! And it’s really very good, but as you say, expensive. Beautiful ebony candlestick and hon, those cupcakes are just gorgeous! You’re SO good at this decorating bit! Have a wonderful Christmas, my lovely friend.. xxx

    • Oh how lovely to know we have the same kettles Celia. A cup of tea with you would be lovely! Thank you for your lovely compliment but I can only really ice cupcakes the way you see them – I can’t for the life of me pipe beautiful roses like you have recently. Have a super week ahead. 🙂 xo

  13. We’re enjoying the late fall/early winter veggies–kale, mustard, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, senposai, komatsuna–along with ll the goodies we put up in the summer. And breakfast has been especially delicious lately, now that we have our pastured pork sausage in the freezer. 🙂

    • Sounds fabulous Bill, although I had to look up senposai and komatsuna – seems they are both mustard spinach, sounds great. I bet your pork sausages are incredible. Have a wonderful and happy week ahead. 🙂 xo

  14. Hi Mandy. What gorgeous cupcakes and what a pretty box to gift them in! 2 days labour – I can’t even think about it!! The ebony candlestick is gorgeous and so modern too. My kettle gave up a couple of years ago and I too was surprised at how expensive they had become. And guess what? I bought the same one you did! That is just a bit spooky! What a wonderful name for the honey – Badgers Gold – just love that. Have a wonderful December!

  15. The cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous, what a lucky neighbor. Your red quinoa salad also looks delicious. The candlestick is also beautiful, such a wonderful gift. Loving the extra shelf in the panty. My husband is building me a new pantry soon and I am planning how he needs to space the shelves, will have to keep this in mind!

  16. I prefer the red quinoa that has a more nutty flavor then the plain white one! Those cupcakes you made to celebrate the birth of your neighbor’s child look just so beautiful & stunning! It is all in the detail! 😉

    • I should cook some white and red quinoa (separately) and see if I can taste the difference. I loved decorating the cupcakes, always a fun thing to do. Have a wonderful December Sophie. 🙂 xo

    • Hi Sherry. I am only a fan of quinoa in this salad, it really is well worth making. On it’s own, quite honestly it tastes like nothing but has a great texture. I am in love with my candle stick and light a candle every evening when I get into the bath. Happy holidays. 🙂 xo

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