Addo Elephant National Park – Picture overload

To celebrate my 5 year Blogoversary, I bring you lots of photos from the past few months which I snapped in our beautiful National park, Addo.  As you know though, camera has been misbehaving but thanks to a friend, it is all better now.  So, moving forward we should have sharper images.  Thank you Luc!

Addo 2015 704 Addo 2015 631 Addo 2015 581 Addo 2015 568 Addo 2015 559 Addo 2015 541 Addo 2015 531 Addo 2015 497 Addo 2015 487 Addo 2015 461 Addo 2015 380 Addo 2015 373 Addo 2015 348 Addo 2015 331 Addo 2015 318 Addo 2015 255 Addo 2015 244 Addo 2015 381 Addo 2015 225 Addo 2015 221 Addo 2015 212 Addo 2015 183 Addo 2015 168 Addo 2015 165 Addo 2015 137 Addo 2015 136 Addo 2015 119 Addo 2015 110 Addo 2015 107 Addo 2015 74 Addo 2015 68 Addo 2015 51 Addo 2015 35 Addo 2015 31 Addo 2015 28 Addo 2015 27 Addo 2015 18 Addo 2015 7 Addo 2014 718 Addo 2014 712 Addo 2014 698 Addo 2014 697 Addo 2014 681 Addo 2014 666 Addo 2014 655 Addo 2014 602 Addo 2014 634 Addo 2014 633 Addo 2014 605 Addo 2014 553 Addo 2014 646 Addo 2014 511 Addo 2014 507 Addo 2014 491 Addo 2014 494 Addo 2014 497


48 thoughts on “Addo Elephant National Park – Picture overload

  1. Picture overload?! I didn’t mind one single bit. What a wonderful experience to have visited your blog to see this today. Thank you lovely for sharing it!

  2. It is my dream to experience what you’ve just shared in this post. I love everything from the dung beetles to the elephants. How glorious! Congrats on your 5th anniversary as well – wonderful achievement xx

  3. My dearest Mandy, this photo-essay absolutely made my day, and then some! Gorgeous, fabulous creatures, and amazing photos of them. I will come back many times to revisit such magnificent animals, every one of them a miraculous beauty.

    Thank you! Thank you!

    And many giant hugs from here. Cyber hugs are safer at the moment; I’m trying hard to fight off the worst sore throat I can remember ever having, and thinking how to keep others safe from me tomorrow night at Richard’s University Singers Concert. I don’t know if I’m contagious at all, as I feel fairly okay other than this awful throat stuff, but with a bunch of [affectionate] student singers I don’t want to put anyone at risk! All the same, your post is the best medicine I’ve tried thus far.

    Much love
    ❤ !!!

    • Aww Kath, you are very kind, thank you!
      Oh no, I do hope that you are on the path to health, there seems to be such strong bugs the last couple of years and a sore throat is so debilitating, you poor dear. All the best to Richard – very exciting!
      Much love right back to you Kath. 🙂 xoxoxo

  4. Happy 5th Blogiversary Mandy! I thought the first photo was amazing but then the second photo was even better than the next and so on… My goodness I hope you did not risk life and limb getting these close up shots. However they are amazing and I am sure National Geographic magazine will be calling you soon!!!

  5. Mandy you are living my dream! Can we trade houses for a few weeks? Will you feed my dogs and let them out to go potty – we’re only 50 miles south of Washington DC – you know you want to! Seriously beautiful photos. I gasp at the beautiful animals. I want to come so badly! Congratulations on your five year blog-iversary. Well done!

  6. AWESOME…. Amazing, special, inspiring, cool, spectacular, wonderful… Holy WOW! I can’t decide which pic I love best, the zebras are so cool, nawwwh to the baby elephant, and the butterflies, so pretty. This post makes me so freakin excited. I can’t believe how close to the animals you can get. Winning! 🙂

    Happy Blog Birthday, 5 years is excellent lady! 🙂

    Hope you are staying warm, lots of love and hugs, happy weekend and hi to your Mr. xox

    • Aww, thanks hon! It’s not going to be a warm weekend but I will snuggle up with my fur babies and catch up on some telly. Sadly my Pete is away again. Love and hugs to you my sweet Anna. 🙂 xo

  7. Huge congrats on the anniversary! Sorry I’m late but I don’t seem to get notiifcations by e-mail when you post 😦 The photos are stunning, Big Man and I have been sitting here for ages looking at them. Big hug to you x

    • Ag no, I wonder why you aren’t getting my notifications? Seems a few people suffer the same thing with other WP blogs. Hope it’s something they can sort out. So pleased you and Big Man enjoyed the pics. You know, you could always come and see the animals for yourself. Just 2 flights and you are here…
      Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 xo

  8. Happy anniversary. What a beautiful post to celebrate your milestone with these amazing photos! It has to be so incredible to be able to see such exotic wildlife so close to home. Frankly, I’m a sucker for elephants but that goofy bird with the weird feathers sticking out of his head? That’s some kind of hat that bird has.

  9. Congrats Mandy! I have been following your blog for so long and I have to say it has been my absolute pleasure learning more about you and what’s in your kitchen. You are such an amazing blogger and I really wish I was there with you at that park lol. Beautiful photos my friend.

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