In My Kitchen – May 2015

Even though it is my birthday month, all the gifts below were just because gifts and thank you gifts.  Very special!

Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial must spend hours linking all of the instalments of IMK every month as there are so many wonderful blogs to visit.  Thank you Celia for the fun of being able to pop in around the world to see what everyone has to share every month.

In my kitchen…

Is the most thoughtful gift from my sister in law Elmien.  When I was last up in Johannesburg visiting and seeing their new home for the first time, I commented on how much I like one of her plant pots and how I cannot find the gift tags she uses down here and next thing, when the folks were here visiting, along came a gift for me.  Dankie Elmien, ek waardeur dit baie!

Pot and gift tags

In my kitchen…

Along with the pressie from Elmien was a gift from my brother Chris (Elmien’s husband) – aww, they miss me.  Thank you Honey Bunny.

candles gift set

In my kitchen…

Is a big bottle of my dad’s favourite spice which has also become mom’s favourite and all my siblings.  It’s a good spice.  Thank you for brining one along for me too daddy. Love you. xo

Worcester Sauce jumbo

In my kitchen…

Is some fabulous tea from the UK and some home grown olive oil.  Friends of Pete’s from varsity days, now living in London came home for a visit and made time to come and visit with us and brought along the most thoughtful gift for me!  Thank you Ian & Ruth.  It was wonderful finally meeting you and here’s to us coming and visiting you in the UK soon.

tea olive oil

In my kitchen…

No sooner had Ian and Ruth left that my brother in law and sister in law from Plettenberg Bay came to visit for a weekend and brought Pete and I a beautiful gift bag filled with loads of treats.  Don’t tell Pete I managed to finish the Lindt chocolate all on my own.  Thank you D and Trishy.  Missing you – come back for another weekend soon!

Trishy goodies

In my kitchen…

Are two nunu mini sauce jugs.  Can’t believe I forgot to share these with you last month.  My friend Yolandie sent them down with her son who was here doing swimming trials.  She said she saw them and bought them for me because she knows how I love little things.  So sweet of you Yolandie, thank you so much!  Hopefully we can use them later this month when you are here.

Mini sauce jugs

What’s in your kitchen this month?

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68 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – May 2015

  1. Worcester Sauce Braii Mix – what a great idea. I love it when something is adapted and evolves to suit new purposes. And who doesn’t love a surprise goodie bag? Especially when it contains naughty things you’d like to buy but normally don’t! xx

  2. I have the same sauce jug and the fruit selection tea is what I always travel with. Next time I need braai salt I will look for this one. And I also like the gift tags. I got some at Typo in JNB and finally we have a shop here. Have a super week xx

  3. I have a little sauce jug that looks similar too. Have a wonderful birthday and love all your thoughtful gifts from friends and family… always special 🙂

  4. Hi lovely Mandy, and happy birthday belatedly, again : ) The Worcester Sauce Braii Mix sounds interesting. I’ve not heard of it, what is it? Love your little sauce jugs. Have a great week, my friend. xo

    • Hi Lizzy, thanks again for the birthday wishes. 😀 The Braai mix is a spice which works well with everything, veggies, meat, chicken. Got to love a versatile spice like that. Have a beautiful week too. 🙂 xo

  5. Oh do I ever love that little plant pot! It’s funny that you’ve got tags in there that are like what I’m using for names for the seating at the wedding reception. We’re attaching them to keys which we’ll hang from frames.
    You got such wonderful gift bags from your friends. Isn’t it fun to get them and try something new that you might not have bought for yourself? Ha!!! Lindt chocolate isn’t for sharing – I have a secret stash in my bedside table.

    • Diane, I can just imagine all the wonderful and exciting work you are doing for Niki’s wedding. I can’t wait to see photos of it all.
      Think I shall have to create my own lindt drawer too.
      Have a beautiful and happy week ahead. 🙂 xo

  6. You are so well loved and deservedly so Mandy, look at all the wonderful gifts you have! The plant pot is very sweet, as are the wee jugs, and I love how wonderfully South African your spice mix is – worcester sauce for the braai! 🙂

    • I’m thinking I should get a few more jugs to use with individual place settings for a dinner – not sure what kind of sauce I would use them for but at least I will have the jugs. 😀 Have a super day Charlie. 🙂 xo

    • I too have a thing for jugs especially small ones. I have a cupboard full of them Joanne! Strangely, I always seem to use the same ones over and over. Have a super day. 🙂 xo

  7. Another vignette of dainty, delectable living. Friendship, family, food, and fun all bundled up in the gifts of the heart. Just right. Just right.
    May your week be full of such marvels, my darling!
    Big hugs and much love,

    • Thanks very much Tricia! I love seeing all the different products from around the world each month in everyone’s kitchens. So much fun! Have a wonderful day. 🙂 xo

  8. You have lots of amazing goodies in your kitchen this month. 🙂
    The coke bottles are rather fancy, and those mini jugs, sooooo cute.
    What other Twinings flavours do you like Miss Mandy? I can send you some.

    • The coke bottles are tin (or whatever they are made of) very cute little bottles, I must say.
      Oh Anna, how precious and sweet are you! My favourites were always the black teas – one of blackcurrent and the other was 4 red fruits. I’m not even sure they make them any more. We get quite a limited range here. Ooo, I can send you some of our South African Rooibos tea. Must say, it ain’t my favourite but everyone else seems to love it. Email me your address darling. Have a super day. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  9. Mandy, I hope you get more chocolate for your birthday! 🙂 A cup of tea (Twinings brand is so good) and a lil’ chocolate would make for a great celebration. I was eyeing those smoky cheese palmiers, too… 😉 Have a great birthday!

    • I still haven’t decided what to put in the plant pot – I almost like the idea of it empty. Might put a miniature rose bush in it. I am feeling the love this month!
      Have a super day. 🙂 xo

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