In My Kitchen – June 2015

It is officially winter.  So far, so good; here’s hoping the rest of winter is as mild.  In fact, the weather has been so good that I have been spending as much time in the garden as I can so the start of this months post its just outside my kitchen, around the corner outside the back door.

Just outside my kitchen outside the back door…

I have been filling pots with a few flowering winter plants to keep things upbeat for those cold days.

Back door June 2015 4 Back door June 2015 3 My precious little boy was around to help take a few photos.Back door June 2015 6As you can see he was being very helpful!
Back door June 2015 5 Back door June 2015 1 And I have transformed the herb patch into a flower patch.Back door June 2015 2

In my kitchen…

Is a flask I have had for the better part of 15 years which I used on a daily basis for a long while and then Celia mentioned in post how she is now officially an old Chinese woman as she has an insulated flask on my kitchen bench to which I commented: “Eek! I must have been an old Chinese woman about 15 years ago when I got one of those insulated flasks – I made my tea in it for years. Hee hee.”  So Celia, not that I am Chinese but I will be honoured to be an old woman with you. 😀


In my kitchen…

Is the most precious birthday present from my cousin Renee.  I thought I was spoilt with the lovely mug and chocolates until I opened the wrapping to find a gift voucher for a pedicure!  Oh how I cannot wait to redeem it.  Thank you so much Renee for spoiling me so very much!

Birthday pressie 1

In my kitchen…

Is a wonderful birthday gift from my friends Wayne and Kelly who were also kind enough to have me over for a Spanish Omelette breakfast because my Pete was away on my birthday.  Very special to spend the morning with you both.  Thank so much for spoiling me so much.

Birthday pressie 2And if that is not enough their darling little granddaughter made me a birthday card!  Thank you sweet little Abby, you are a pure delight to be around with your sparkly personality.
Birthday card abby

In my kitchen…

Are more birthday pressies from friends.  Thank you so much Wayne and Cheryl for including me on my birthday at your home for a roast dinner!  You can make me roast potatoes any day of the week and still to get a beautiful bottle of wine was very special.  Thank you too Bertie and Mags and Tony for the the wine and chocolates.

Birthday pressie 4

In my kitchen…

Is the prettiest cake platter and server from my sweet neighbours and friends Dean and Lesley.  You guys really spoilt me with the lovely gift, thank you so much!

Birthday pressie 5

What’s in your kitchen this month?

Our dear friend Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial links all our monthly instalments on her blog so we won’t have to miss out on any of the wonderful kitchen views and as always a big thank you to Celia for the fun of being able to pop in around the world to see what everyone has to share every month.

Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun and drop her a quick note to let her know when your post will be up and please note Celia needs all IMK posts submitted by the 10th of every month.

61 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – June 2015

  1. Our autumn wasn’t mild at all and was probably the coldest one we’ve had in many years. Today is the first day of winter and it’s only 16C – very cold for Sydney. I love how you’ve turned your herb garden into a flower garden – very pretty xx

  2. What a cute four legged boy as love cat’s curiosity!
    I would not worry about getting old as think everyone has one of those kettles, including me! 🙂
    Thanks also for this month’s kitchen view!

  3. Belated birthday greetings and I know you deserved all those lovely gifts – especially as Pete was not with you 😦 Love your puss cat, what a handsome and helpful boy!

    • Aww, thanks Tanya. All 3 of our furries were beyond excited when I got home on Saturday evening and have not left my side since. Love them SO much! Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  4. I did laugh right out loud when your fur-baby photobombed the garden expedition!

    Sounds like despite Pete’s having to be away, you’ve been feted well for your birthday (and I don’t doubt you both celebrated the occasion in advance, in Swaziland!)…your friends definitely know how to help you rejoice in fine birthday style. Sweet and lovely gifts are always appropriate for a sweet and lovely darling. May the whole year ahead be jam-packed with just such goodness!!


    • Hee hee. I couldn’t resist sharing the phobomb pic Kath. I had the most incredible birthday which has been extended over a number of weeks. Fabulous! Have a beautiful and happy day. 🙂 xoxoxo

  5. Wine and chocolate, it’s all good in your kitchen. Cute birthday card and love the cake plate and server. Belated birthday wishes 🙂

  6. Here spring is transitioning into summer. Our kitchen is filled with wild edibles and the goodness of spring gardens. It’s a great time of year.

  7. Happy belated birthday Mandy! It looks like you had a wonderful day with friends. Your winter garden is just lovely too. I love how colorful it is and of course love your little helper!

  8. Please don’t think I’m weird Mandy, but I love clean lines and your flask is beautiful. I wish I had one in my kitchen right now. I am currently looking for one, but can only find stainless steel here. And I hope winter isn’t too bad for you. Summer is starting here and I couldn’t be happier for warm weather finally.

  9. Happy belated Birthday, dear Mandy. What a lovely batch of gifts too! I do hope your sweet patch of flowers and pots make it happily through winter … there is no such thing here in CO. xo

  10. OOOOOOO, I forgot to send you a birthday card! I shall send you a late one, darling Mandy.

    I love your fur baby scratching his claws!

    What a beautiful kitchen you have. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Aww, you are such a sweetheart Kim, thank you for your love! I still dream of the day I can share my kitchen with you for real! That would be incredible! Think we will have to invest in some throat lozenges with all the doing we will do. Wonderful! Have a beautiful day my dear Kim. 🙂 xo

    • No. To try and put it into perspective, it is a 10 hour drive away from where we are so quite far. It is in the same town where my folks live. Very sad and Pete and I really hate animals in cages of any sort. They should all roam free. We suspect and this is really not nice to say but feel those lions are bred for hunting! I pray they aren’t. xoxoxo

  11. Such lovely, lovely things in your kitchen Mandy! I must be an old Chinese lady too, for I have an insulated flask or two myself! LOL. That cake platter is just beautiful!!

    • Thanks very much Sherry. The coffee pinotage was wonderful! It had the faintest aroma of coffee which went down well with the cold weather that has just arrived. It was seed inside the beetroot package which I have lovingly planted but alas nothing has popped through the soil yet. I am wondering if it is possibly too cold at the moment. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  12. Happy Birthday, I’m so glad you had a wonderful time and have so many delicious presents… I’m noticing a chocolate and alcohol theme 🙂 I haven’t go to the old Chinese lady status yet, but I’m sure it will be coming soon! Thanks for sharing! Liz xx

  13. Mandy, your Spanish Omelette breakfast and accompanying treats and gifts made for a wonderful celebration (belated birthday greetings!), but that handmade card took the cake. So cute! Love your beautiful gardens, too. Enjoy that pedicure!

    • Thanks so much Celia. See now, I thought our flasks were the same, I just see mine as white and yours as pink. 😀 I think I spoke too soon about the weather! It has been freezing the last couple of days with lots of rain. The sun out today – yay! 🙂 xo

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