Winter Garden Update

I know I recently shared our garden with you but there have been a few changes since then so for your viewing pleasure (before it starts raining again)…

I could not resit this bench when I saw it for sale down the road from home.  The gentleman selling the furniture fell on hard times and refurbishes and recycles wooden palettes to earn an income.  He lives a very frugal life without electricity and running water and has the most love I have ever seen for his dog and cat.  They are his entire life.  I did not realise until I stopped to make enquiry about the bench that he has the most beautiful fully indigenous garden with veggie patches dotted all around.  Best R350 (± USD $28) I have ever spent on anything.  He even refurbishes the nails before re-using them to make his furniture.

Garden July 2015 3 Rummaging through our leaky old corner back shed I found a piece of sleeper gifted to Pete from our previous neighbours son about a zillion years ago and decided its time to get out into the garden and one can never have too much seating so another bench was made. The cats love this and I often find them sunning themselves on one of the corners while watching over the garden..Garden July 2015 1

From the leaky shed into the wendy house which holds an untold amount of boxes and other storage bits and bobs plus an outdated old satellite dish which I converted into a much wanted bird bath.  Waste not want not I say.  My dad said it should be blue but I thought green blended so much better with the garden.  A few birdies have visited but none I have yet been able to capture on camera.Garden July 2015 2

Going back to the leaky shed, hanging up in a corner was a small ladder which was looking worse for ware so out it came and a quick refurbishment and placed outside our bedroom door with a few potted veld plants and its as pretty as a picture.Garden July 2015 8

On the backside of our bedroom is a strip that never gets any sun and always has a muddy slope of soil so it was morning of laying some unused bricks to make a walk way.  Can’t believe it took me this long to do!Garden July 2015 7

Amongst the unused bits and bobs was a number of pots and bowls which I have started displaying around the garden.  There are a few more to come.  I will take some updated shots as soon as I have been back into the veld for more plants. Garden July 2015 4 Speaking of being in the veld, just over the road from our home is a huge amount of mother in laws tongue which I have potted and standing in a makeshift nursery in front of Pete’s workshop.Garden July 2015 5

After cleaning out the pots outside the front door, it dawned on me we have not had lavender in our garden for the longest time so I had to succumb to spending a little cash on a beautiful lavender bush which I am not able to find in the veld. 🙂Garden July 2015 22

Always at the ready to lend a hand is my beautiful boy who has an incredible knack of bumping me off my feet more often than not when I am trying to take a photo – there are loads of blurry shots in amongst the few I manage to salvage.Garden July 2015 21 On the backside of our lapa is a long bare wall so  a narrow bed was made with a variation of 2 flowering bushes – one is a yellow daisy of sorts and the other is a blue/purple spur something or another.  I am never very good at remembering names of plants.Garden July 2015 20

I hope its not too late but I finally planted last years sweet pea seeds – I saved just the violet colour ones.  Can’t wait for the fragrant flowers for vases throughout the house come Spring.Garden July 2015 6 All things going well, we will have some tasty cauliflowers – I have no idea how long they take to grow but the plants are looking very healthy. 🙂Garden July 2015 16

There is also some healthy happy looking spinach.
Garden July 2015 15

Seems we will also have some mini cabbages at some stage – think I will have to thin this bed soon.Garden July 2015 9 - Copy

And finally is a pot that nearly broke my back.  Our lovely neighbours were kind enough to gift the pot but it was up to me to get it over the wall and obviously I could not wait for help and had to get it over myself.  Not sure if it was the coat of paint or all the rain which has left one of the plants looking a little worse for ware. Hopefully a little TLC will get it all perky again otherwise out it comes.
Garden July 2015 17

How is your winter garden or summer garden if you are in the northern parts of the world?


42 thoughts on “Winter Garden Update

  1. Love this post. I have some spinach to plant too. Your cat made me laugh. Miles follows me everywhere in the garden. I call him my garden director! LOL! He does have a very bad habit of ignoring the vegetable boxes all year until I start using them again in the spring/summer and then he decides they are his new litter tray just to wind me up! Lol!

  2. What an uplifted and creative post. I too love that garden bench and also love how you so cleverly repurposed so many items from your shed, your garden is gorgeous, I see many good eats. Happy gardening..

  3. Oh, your winter garden is so lovely! And that bench! I am all about old benches, chairs, rockers, stumps, stools, anything rustic and useful. That was certainly money well spent as it will draw you to rest and linger beside your beautiful gardens.

  4. The man really sounds like an amazing, and incredible old soul. I love meeting people like that. I just love that bench Mandy. I’d love to have it in my backyard if I had one lol. My mother probably would “hold” it for me lol. Beautiful photos.

  5. Awwww I loved this so much and especially the bench you bought from the old boy. But what really made me smile is that we have a small section of garden with the original Victorian brickwork on the floor which looks just like the section you laid down…I shall have to take a snap and send it to you because every time I look at it (about 50 times a day!) I will now think of you!

    • So pleased you enjoyed a wee walk around my garden Tanya and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know you will think of me when you look at your Victorian brickwork. Can’t wait to see a pic. I am also waiting on some gifted pebble/rocks which will fill in the row alongside the bricks. Hope it looks nice as a feature and not make shift. Will do an update for you once they arrive. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xoxo

  6. I can’t believe you lifted that pot all by yourself but yes, that’s exactly the sort of thing I’d do – I can never wait for help and just get in and do it myself like drag a 10-foot Christmas tree into the house and then wake up the next morning unable to move because I’ve wrecked my back. I think it’s fantastic you were able to support that man’s business and I think you got a bargain. Your garden is looking very organised and I look forward to seeing the sweet peas when they bloom xx

    • Thanks very much Bam. I am having loads of fun between the rain and freezing cold getting the garden sorted for Spring.
      All well thanks Bam, I trust the same with you. 🙂 xo

  7. Love your handsome boy! And the bench is just beautiful! I can’t believe even the nails are refurbished. What a treasure! Your garden looks so peaceful and welcoming. I’m not the biggest fan of winter, but think I would enjoy it in your garden. 🙂

  8. Hi Mandy, everything looks so pretty in your garden, you have such a good eye. Also you have given me inspiration for my own garden as well.

  9. Oh your garden is freakin awesome!!! So green and pretty and vibrant and healthy and lovely. Love the ladder you have used as a display, and the bench seats too, very inviting. Cant wait to have a cuppa in your garden and catch up on the years. Happy week ahead my love.
    Cheers, Anna xoxo

    • Can you believe you will be walking around the garden yourself soon Anna! Freaking AWESOME! It will be even greener when you get here. BTW we must chat about your dates. We have mates coming for a few days in October too so don’t want to overlap your visits.
      So far Kenya is awesome. Well the hotel anyway as I have not seen much else yet. Have a beautiful and happy week ahead hon. 🙂 xoxo

  10. Well I just love that story you shared about the furniture builder. That seat was a bargain but now that you’ve bought it, tell him he should charge a bit more! Wonderful story of resourcefulness, up cycling, thrift and innovation. The bird bath isn’t bad either…

    • No, no, no I still want a few other items before I tell the gent he should have charged me more. 😀 Seems the birds are liking their bath more and more which is great Have a super day. 🙂 xo

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