Sundays River Trash Bash 2015

September 19th marked the annual Internal Coastal Clean Up Day supported by over 90 countries worldwide.  How awesome is that!


I have not been part of the fun the past couple of years as it falls on the same weekend each year as a niece’s birthday in Plettenberg Bay.

I was happy to be part of the volunteer team again this year.


As with all years, there are donations from our community and sponsorship from various companies including The Waste Trade Company, General Motors South Africa, Colchester KwikSpar, Algoa Plastics, PPC Cement and many more.

I was amazed at the wonderful sponsorship and donations this year, affording the kids incredible goody bags and wonderful prizes – it was extremely heart warming.

Trash Bash 2015 2

Goody bags were filled with so many wonderful things

Trash Bash 2015 55

There were 150 local kiddies (mostly from Colchester primary school) who participated in the day which started with homemade soup, rolls and apples at registration after collecting their t-shirts.

Trash Bash 2015 3

Fuelling up before trash bashing

Before everyone set out on picking up what others have carelessly discarded, The Waste Trade Company’s representative Emmy Nxayeka  gave a fabulously enthusiastic and all important environmental talk emphasising the importance of the three R’s:-


“In order to drive environmental change we need to start by educating our youth,” Kay Hardy, general manager of The Waste Trade Company.

Trash Bash 2015 42

Learning how to care for our environment

Trash Bash 2015 52

Much excitement to go on the river

The day ended with boerewors (sausage) rolls and cake as well as the much anticipated prize giving.  The children get so excited wondering if they could possibility be the only boy and the only girl to win a bicycle.  Before the final draw for the bicycles, there were 40 other great prizes including backpacks, food hampers and grocery gift vouchers.

Trash Bash 2015 77

The boys bike is donated by Colchester Spar and the girls bike by PPC Cement

Trash Bash 2015 70

Lots of lovely prizes

Trash Bash 2015 57

640kg of trash was collected over 2 hours


40 thoughts on “Sundays River Trash Bash 2015

  1. FAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBULOUS way to donate your time…
    but don’t you HATE that we must do this?
    Why do people litter? WHY? I get so mad when people don’t care about our environment, Don’t’ you?
    Lets see more photos of your kitties, darling 🙂 xxxxx kissssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • Absolutely hate that we have to do these things Kim. Pete and I went for a walk on the beach the other day and of all things I found a pregnancy test – how that would land up on a remote desolate beach that very few people can get to amazes me! I often walk up to people who have just thrown something on the ground and make them pick it up and put it in a rubbish bin, which is always in close proximity! Really gets my goat! Will send you some photos soon. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Initiatives like this are so fantastic, but as someone else said earlier, it’s sch a shame that they are needed. Near our home in England we often have beach clean up events but I am ashamed to say that the Spanish attitude to discarding rubbish (while not everyone, and it is improving) is still very much “chuck it out the car window or down a ravine” 😦

  3. What a terrific group to do this and the donations are truly amazing. Such a shame that it’s even necessary but some people will just never care. We have earth day here and all of the towns do pretty much the same thing but throughout the year I have a neighbor who walks every day. She always takes 3-4 garbage bags and fills them every day from trash along the roads near us. Most of it’s the on it size liquor bottles and beer cans and bottles but some is full bags of McDonalds wrappers. Such pigs.

  4. Can this organization come to Hong Kong? A great way to get kids involved and interested in caring for their environment. We have participated in several beach clean ups here in HK and it really is horrific the amount of trash deposited into the oceans and washed up onto the beaches. I am glad you could get involved in this event.

  5. This sounds like such a wonderful community event. And whenever you can educate today’s youth about something other than a celebrity, I am definitely here for it. I wish they did this event near my home, it would benefit so much. Thank you for posting about this Mandy.

  6. What a fabulous event Mandy! 90 countries do this? That’s incredible. It looks like it was a beautiful day for it too. Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful weekend! Xo

  7. This event reminds me of when I was a wee pup, we used to participate in Clean Up Australia Day, it was an initiative that had school kids sweep the streets of their town/city and pick up trash. There would be entertainment and we’d be encouraged to dress in theme. They some how made the process fun, and we were doing amazing things for our country too.

    So, I am all for this, you done good!!! Wishing you a super weekend lovely one. Hugs and love across the oceans. xox

    • How fun to dress in theme Anna – love that idea. Not sure we could make it work here though. Love and hugs to you sweety. Have a beautiful love filled happy and chilled weekend. 🙂 xoxoxo

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