Lack of Running

Don’t go for a run for 3 weeks and BAM you are back to being a lump whose body says forget it, I am not going to do this! 😦  Needless to say a lot more cycling has been happening with not much running.

Then, new shoes.  We got lucky with a pair of Asics which were R600 (± USD $42.50) cheaper purely because they are in last years colours!  No improvement to the shoe, just a change in colour.

Asics runners

It is taking a while getting used to these runners too; the balls of my feet burn like they are on fire and my toes get pins and needles so not much fun when I am already battling to breathe, and still trying to enjoy my run.

On the upside, I have started weight training with Pete.  Its what us “getting older” folk are meant to do I believe.  Got to keep the muscle tone, or in my case, built it. 😀

Here’s to keeping it all up over the holidays!

28 thoughts on “Lack of Running

    • Muscle tone, don’t think I have any of that! A gale is blowing today – I can barely stand upright in the wind so have taken today as my day off. What a cheat! Have a super day Lori. 🙂 xo

  1. wow weight training…that’s something, Mandy. I was trying to do HIIT (well, just for 10 minutes) and felt old…because I just couldn’t keep up the pace with that sexy toned lady on Youtube.

  2. My exercising always heads south over Christmas. Sorry to hear you’ve been having some battles with jogging – I completely understand as I’ve certainly had my issues with the sport. You sure did get a bargain on those shoes xx

  3. I walk.
    This is my joy.
    what is the farthest you have ran?
    Perhaps we will walk in Africa one day and see the big CATS!
    How wonderful.
    PS. I loved my letter from you. Thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I think walking is also going to be my thing Kim. Must more gentle but nearly as effective. Oh I dream of the day we can go for a walk together. xo
      YAY! Your letter finally arrived. You should be receiving another one soon. 😀
      Have a beautiful day! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  4. 3 weeks and you’re a lump? Oh, Mandy. It’s been decades since I last ran and that was after my doctor asked if I was crazy. He didn’t have to ask twice. I was all too wiling to heed his advice. If you want his telephone number, I can give it to you. 🙂

    • See, now that is the kind of doctor I need! Think I am going to become a walker now John. Not willing to get myself tied in knots over not being able to run. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  5. I cannot remember the last time I put my runners on, let alone went for a run. Haha! So in my eyes, you my friend are amazing that you are running, especially working through all the pain of wearing in new shoes too. Gah! That is the worst. Hope it eases quickly. I will say a prayer that when you hit the pavement for a run, the wind is at your behind and that you are able to breath easy and enjoy the journey.

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