Well, that is explains it

Hello!  I have missed chatting with you all and seeing what you have been getting up to in the blogoshpere.

To get right to it, I now know why I could not run anymore, was permanently hot, had sleepless nights, failing eye sight, had tremours, couldn’t stop eating and had a slight goiter on the right side of my neck.

Without boring you too much, I went to the doctor (under duress) and was diagnosed with toxic autoimmune thyroiditis and was bombarded by specialists to immediately ingest dangerous medication and have radioactive iodine injected into my body or take the risk of having a thyroid storm (crisis), oh and die.  All times I heard them say that –   Urgh!  What they want to do is take my extremely overactive thyroid, destroy it, which will result in a non functioning or underactive thyroid for which I would have to take life long medication.  Incidentally, they don’t tell you this medication only provides one of the  hormones you require and leads to other health issues like osteoporosis!

Every ounce of me said No, No, No!  There HAS TO BE another way to fix this.

According to the doctors there is not and if I do not act immediately, I am taking my life into my own hands and could go into a thyroid storm at any minute and die!  Again, URGH!  When I spoke with the referring doctor about my decision to take an alternative natural route, he laughed at me and I don’t need to tell you what he said would happen if I did not follow the western route.

Fast forward a week and a flight to Johannesburg to help my folks pack for their move here to the River and to see an iridologist, who I used to see when living there who guaranteed me we can normalise my thyroid without a shadow of a doubt AND it will only take the better part of a couple of months.  He answered all my questions the way I was hoping he would and I knew absolutely he was right.  I threw my arms around him in relief.  Not sure that was very professional but too bad.


Natural healing medication

After one week of taking the medication, my tremours completely stopped, my eye sight improved, I am sleeping much better and I am not permanently having to fan myself although I must say, the appetite hasn’t subsided much, yet…


It saddens me how traditional doctors aren’t more accepting of the results of homeopathy and how the two can work hand in hand.  No matter as I am fast on my way to a normal functioning thyroid.  Next step is to have the blood tests done again to prove my counts have normalised.  I cannot wait!

49 thoughts on “Well, that is explains it

  1. Oh Mandy, I had a feeling there was more going on than a short break. I’m so glad to hear that you’re on your way to recovery and have found a better alternative than what was originally suggested. So your wonderful parents will be close by to help you through this? I wish you the best and a good recovery. Be good to yourself. I’ve been thinking of you and hope that you keep us updated on your progress.
    Wishing you the best, Diane

    • Was not a fun exercise but so glad to be on the mend Diane. Yip, its going to be wonderful having the folks all of 500m down the road. They drive down tomorrow. The furniture removal company have just arrived to pack up all the boxes. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  2. Goodness me, you have been through the wringer. I am so pleased you didnt take the first option, not sure you would be in a very good place at all had you of. I, like you do not bother too much with the traditional doctors outside of the diagnosis. Most of my adult life I have been seeing alternative therapists and find that generally speaking, things get better a whole lot quicker. Anyways, sending you ALL my love and hugs and healing vibes. Look after you. xox

  3. o Mandy, I am really sorry to hear that you have been under the weather and at the same time, I am so GLAD that you are feeling better now..without health, nothing else is possible.
    Get well soon, my friend!

  4. What a horrible experience. Glad life is on the improve again. Totally in the same page with you about natural medicines. Their power never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully One day our western doctors cotton on!

  5. So sorry to hear this Mandy. Thyroid conditions can be debilitating (lifelong sufferer) but once it’s under control – and doing it naturally is great – you’ll be a new woman! Don’t push yourself too hard, let your body heal itself gradually. Big hug x

    • Oh no, you too! Hey, we match. 😀 Sorry, didn’t mean to make light of it. Hmm, about that don’t push too hard bit, well, I’m working on that too. Have a beautiful day Tania. 🙂 xoxoxo

  6. Your post made me laugh out loud. I am an occupational therapist by day and know exactly what you mean about traditional doctors. I work with autistic children and everything we do is holistic. I have nothing to do with medication. I’m glad you have found a way to treat your thyroid condition that suits you. Emma xx

  7. It will never happen, sadly. At least not in my lifetime. Stick with the naturopaths and homeopaths, and don’t let the MD’s destroy your body. Then, if you happen to be in a car accident, embrace the doctors in the ER for being able to put you back together. But otherwise, avoid them like the plague. Get better soon!!!

  8. Oh my, Mandy, I am so glad you found someone to help you! You are right, Western medicine is lacking in holistic approach. I know so many women who struggle with thyroid issues and it is hard to find a doc who can/will help them find a natural remedy (and there are plenty). I also understand the pressure on docs to provide an answer someone will easily follow, like a pill, because many won’t consider lifestyle or “it will take a couple of months” approach (not to mention having to protect themselves from lawsuits).
    I do hope you find quick success in getting your thyroid back in line — it affects so many systems and makes such a difference in how you feel. (hugs)

    • I guess you would say I am a fence sitter as I believe there is merit in both western and eastern practices and is up to the individual to find the balance for themselves. I just knew that I knew there was an alternative way to correct this and every ounce of me said no to what the doctors wanted to do. I am still amazed every day the my tremours have completely stopped almost like I never had them and how everything else is falling into place – my eye sight, my back, being able to sleep and and and. Wonderful! Have a super day Judy. 🙂 xoxo

  9. What a scary period! So glad you were not subjected to all those toxic remedies and are recovering with the help of alternative natural remedies. Hope your blood tests prove your counts have normalized.

  10. Bless that iridologist! Sorry to hear of your troubles, Mandy, and I do hope you’ve hit upon what seems to be a better path to getting your health back. Good luck!

  11. I am so glad you are feeling better and that you are on the road to better health. Thyroid issues run rampant in my family. My mom in particular struggles with them horribly. She is on so many different medications which I’m sure are doing more damage than good, but she is too afraid of natural medicine. I wish she would give it a go. At any rate, I am very thankful that you have found a path that is working for you. I will continue to send positive thoughts your way and please keep us posted. xo

    • This is the first in our family Kristy and I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be able to have the option of what medication I take. I really hope your mom would give natural medications a try. Looking forward to catching up with you and the family on your blog soon. Much love, xoxoxo

  12. I take the clear root fire when it is very hot here – helps me sleep! And I can so sympathize with you having to deal with Doctors who cannot embrace healing as an option. Hopefully you can find someone closer to you who is a naturopath. And try and get yourself a copy of The Fragrant Pharmacy if you can. It is my most trusted book ever. There is a great blog post on my blog about thyroid issues which you might find helpful as well. Glad you perservered xxx

  13. I do hope that you are well on your road to recovery. My daughter has a thyroid problem and she just told me a week ago that she had a new doctor that was treating her naturally. Hopefully you both will benefit from these treatments.

  14. My dearest, while I have been gone from Bloglandia (and missing you so!) I didn’t know you were wrestling with such nasty health stuff. Thyroid problems run in my family, and we share a type of them that is generally overlooked by the standard testing methods, so I know a bit how you feel! Thankfully, my version has been remarkably treatable and not especially severe, but I’m also fortunate to have doctors who are great listeners and open to combining their ‘standard modern’ strengths and know-how with traditional wisdom, herbs, and inspirations thus far, and my general great health is testament to that. I hope your discoveries will allow you a VERY swift and amazing recovery of health and joy.

    In the meantime, I’m so glad to have even this little moment to finally come visiting and hear your sweet voice again, relish your marvelous photos and recipes, and give you the biggest cyber hug you can tolerate! Much, much love!


    • Kath! What a beautiful surprise to see your name. Been missing you loads too! I don’t often get onto FB either so seem to miss out on so much on what is happening in peoples lives. I am doing a stellar job with the old thyroid – won’t let it get me down. Just so pleased we were able to find out what was making me feel so urgh. No sooner am I feeling more on top of things when we got bad news about Dad’s health. It has thrown up for a bit of a loop Kath but we are now back on our feet and dealing with it as best as we know how. I will do a post tomorrow with all that has been going on around in my little world. Love, love, love to you and a huge cyber hug right back to you! 🙂 xoxoxo

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