Where I Write From

Our dear Celi over at The Kitchens Garden, has revived the getting to know each other a wee bit by asking us to share where we write from.  C said not tiding up before snapping the shot.

For the most part I am neat and tidy but looking at the pic, I see loads I could have in better order.

Where I write from

An abridged version of my little office

We would all love to see where you write from.  Take a quick snapshot, remember no tiding up and share it with us by linking back to Celi’s post Where I write.

46 thoughts on “Where I Write From

  1. I am so impressed at how tidy it is! The area around my computer is cluttered with pieces of paper and other “necessary” junk! I love your little shelf. It looks perfect for keeping things out of the way.

    • Yes, everything has to be to hand – just a swing to the right on my chair and I can access everything on the other desk. Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day Kate. 🙂 xo

  2. I’m similarly neat, so I like your clear space… it looks orderly to me. I also still run a similar looking diary, 2 screens but these days Ultrabook and Tablet 🙂

    • I am a bit behind in times, no tablet. 😀 I can’t really work in a mess and the days I have loads of files or paper around makes me uncomfortable until it is all orderly again. Thanks for stopping by ElleDee. Have a lovely day. 🙂 xo

  3. Hi Mandy, I enjoy reading Celi’s blog, life on a farm looks pretty cool. Looks like you write in a beautiful space. Have a great week.

  4. You think this is not in order? Oh, Mandy. I could show you disorder! Love your first comment about the years spent at that desk. I cannot remember how many years I’ve sat here but I bet if I counted the layers of dust, I might come up with a reasonable estimate. 🙂

    • The pic on the screens is one of my favourites I took while visiting in Kenya. The Kempinski hotel has thousands of fresh roses everywhere, even on your room service dinner tray! Have a wonderful day with the new baby calf C. 🙂 xoxo

  5. hat’s easy for you to say no tidying up Mandy since your office is absolutely neat, tidy, and gorg :). It looks like a comfy cozy place to write. When I get my furniture out of storage soon, I will definitely take a snapshot. Great post Mandy.

  6. What a lovely setting you have for your writing, so tidy, id be the same if i were posting pictures too, although a good chunk of my writing happens from my bed. Lol! Hope you are having a splendid weekend. Big hugs and love. Xx

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