Things forgotten and changed

I spent a few days with Pete in Johannesburg; my first trip back since my folks moved down to the Eastern Cape.  It was a strange notion knowing I would not be going to the home where I spent majority of my childhood and early adult years.

I did however get to enjoy a special lunch with my brothers.  I would loved to have spent more time with them.  ♥


Looks like I’m storing nuts in my cheeks

Johannesburg is a fast paced busy city.  There is a lingering concrete jungle smell in the air and at the same time a calm quiet in the absence of a breeze.  Living at the coast I am accustomed to the constant movement of air from a glorious gentle whisper of wind to full blown gales – the wind cleansing everything as it traverses and whistles through the trees.  I digress.


Image courtesy:  Jay Caboz

I forgot what it is like to be in a corporate environment zipping here and there at speed.  Do I miss it, maybe just a little, although I am becoming more of a country bumpkin – a bad thing, I don’ think so.  Just the next phase of my evolution.  The trip up north did however rejuvenate my want to write and even though I have always been loyal to my obligations, I am feeling renewed to be more present in my commitments.

I spent a couple of hours catching up with an ex colleague – we commented how lovely it was to pick up from where we left off, almost as if the passed nearly 15 years were like 15 days.

After the hustle and bustle of a few days, the best part was being able to spend albeit short, uninterrupted time with my Pete before he headed back to Kenya and me home.  I did not want to let him go.  It gets harder and harder with each trip. ♥


28 thoughts on “Things forgotten and changed

  1. Glad to know that you had a great, though short, time with your three have the same lovely smile :-))

  2. I know it is really hard when our significant others travel all of the time. However, it make the heart grow fonder…Glad you had some bonding time with your bro’s. Are they twins? They look so much alike. Take care

    • Thanks so technology (Skype) Pete and I get face time every day which makes it so much easier Bam and chat on WhatsApp too. Yes, my brothers are twins, 4 years my senior. Have a beautiful day. 🙂 xo

  3. Uhuh! I know so well that feeling of being so excited to travel to cities & places to meet up with old friends & family. Time goes so quickly & you feel such gratitude for awesome people in your life & all too soon it’s time to say farewell again & back to your home. I always feel I get to take a lot of inspiration that I put to work in my life & work from friends & loved ones & you so do NOT look like your storing nuts in your cheeks….funny. Have a great week Mandy.

    • Maybe you and I should meet somewhere exotic, naturally for an extended period so we don’t feel rushed. Oh, that would be heavenly! Have a gorgeous weekend sweet Anna. Off to check my nut in cheek status. 😀 xoxo

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