Chale Island

Pete whisked me away from Nairobi for a perfect weekend at Chale Island, which is just south of Diani Beach (one of my favourite places in Kenya). ❤

Chale Island is actually a headland (600 meters off the mainland) with 15 acres of indigenous forest known as a sacred worship place (kaya) and boasts an inland tidal mangrove lake.  The island is just four degrees south of the equator and is 1,2 km long and 0,8 km wide, so perfect for a romantic getaway with very few other holidaymakers leaving ample space for everyone to share in the white sandy beach and bay.

The sunrises were spectacular.

Twice we walked the circumference of the island and we were blown away by the magnificence of how the terrain changes from one side to the other and how wonderfully abundant it is was with crabs, lizards, beautifully coloured fish, shells, birdlife, monkeys and baboons.

We were also spoiled with getting very close to colobus monkeys and their babies.

The morning of our departure was met with elation when we saw a turtle laying her eggs, a truly once in a lifetime opportunity, which could only be beat by witnessing her babies making their way to the water – maybe next time.

18 thoughts on “Chale Island

  1. Hey Mandy, Welcome back 🙂 Have you moved to Nairobi permanently? Beautiful place and wonderful photos today. Laura

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