Beef Stroganoff

I have been lucky enough to find very reasonably priced beef fillet (tenderloin) here in Mauritius (for the most part, meat is extremely expensive on this island) so this comfort meal doesn’t have to be a luxury, and on occasion, I replace the mustard powder with prepared whole grain mustard just for something a little different, and serve it with either creamy mashed potatoes and baby peas alternatively over ribbon noodles.

Beef Stroganoff



1kg fillet cubed
20ml cake flour
2 onions peeled and sliced
1 punnet portabella mushrooms sliced
5ml sugar
5ml mustard powder
25ml port
Salt and pepper to taste
250ml cream
20ml fresh parsley chopped


  1. Dust the meat in the flour and fry in batches until browned and cooked and set aside.
  2. Fry the onions and mushrooms until tender.
  3. Add the meat to the onions and mushrooms.
  4. Add the sugar, mustard, port, salt and pepper and mix through.
  5. Add the cream and heat through.
  6. Stir through parsley just before serving.


Submitted by:  Mandy Frielinghaus, Mauritius