Baby James’ Blanket

I can now share with you, little James’ blanket.  Not that it was a big secret but his Mommy had not seen it yet so I thought it best to wait until after her surprise baby shower to share it with you.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the fabulous shower and was hoping to get a better shot of the blanket than what I have here but alas.

I have never battled so much to take a photo of anything as much as I did this blanket – not matter how I draped it or folded it, it looked like a mess or a bundle of nothing.  The picture above is the best I could do -not that it shows how lovely the blanket really is.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on how to better photograph such an item.

This is a very special blanket as I have been asked to be James’ God Mother – what an honour and privileged to be asked, thanks Torks and Mands, I will treasure being appointed with this special duty always and I cannot wait to meet little James in February. 🙂

For those wanting to crochet a blanket for a special bundle of joy, this is what I did (not sure of crochet terminology):

10 balls baby double knitting mint green
5balls baby double knitting white
4.5mm crochet hook
Form a chain of 201 stitches
Skip the first chain and then work in double crochet through out – 2 balls green to one ball white
Make an additional chain for the start of each new row
Finish with a border of white double crochet approximately 6 rows working continuously around with an additional chain for the start of each new row
Sew in all loose strands from each new ball of wool join

I also made a double crochet border around a facecloth for baby James and had equally as much of a difficult time trying to photograph it – hope you at least get the idea.