Cob in foil on the fire

A friend of ours rang us up the other day and offered us a fish which he had just caught.  How can one refuse such a generous offer.  Even better was the gift of it being scaled, gutted and filleted.  BONUS!  Thanks Bernie, you are a star.

Cob in foil 1

All ready to be wrapped up an put on the coals

With having Pete home the last while and the weather being so lovely in the evenings, it is no surprise that we braai (barbecue) just about every other night and enjoy dining al fresco.

This cob was so moreish that we have enjoyed it twice in one week.  Now to wait for another kind offer of more fish or get on the river and catch one ourselves.  You can substitute the cob with any other fish – the simple flavours will compliment anything from sole to stock fish.

There really is no recipe for this, more a guideline, a un-recipe if you like.

Fish in Foil


Fish fillet of choice
Olive oil
Coarse salt
Black pepper
Lemon zest
Fresh Dill


  1. Place the fish on a piece of tin foil.
  2. Place all of the ingredients over the fish.
  3. Wrap the fish in the foil tightly.
  4. Hand the package to your husband to cook over the coals.
Cob in foil 2

No prizes for this pic but the fish was delicious!


Winter Indoor Fires

We seem to go through stages of lovely winter days and nights and then the temperatures drop drastically to what I call un-liveable  temperatures.  Anything below 20°C falls into the un-liveable category for me.

This is how, when Pete is not away on business, we enjoy our evenings when the un-liveable temperatures hover outside.

We start like this

Work our way up to this

Got to burn the grid before braaing

Keeping things nice and toasty

It’s lovely sitting in the lounge all toasty while enjoying a braai for supper and watching some telly with your better half and toasting just being together.

Marmalade and Wine Chicken Kebabs

Pete and I had an impromptu braai the other evening and all I had out defrosted were chicken breasts – not the most ideal thing for the braai but nonetheless, it was decided that we were to braai so onward with the plan.  We opted to have pap and sous (always a hit) while I very quickly turned the chicken breasts into kebabs with some veg and a little marinade which was absolutely delicious!  The chicken was lovely and juicy while the onions and broccoli were perfectly al dente and the mushrooms were beautifully soft and full of the flavours of the marinade.

Marmalade and Wine Chicken Kebabs



75ml orange marmalade
60ml red wine
15ml whole grain mustard
15ml olive oil
8 skewers – remember to soak the wooden variety for 30 minutes to an hour before using
3 chicken breasts cut into chunks
1 onion cut into chunks
Broccoli florets
Mushrooms quartered


  1. Mix all of the ingredients for the marinade and set aside.
  2. Skewer the chicken and veggies in any combination you like.
  3. Pour over the marinade.
  4. Braai the kebabs (not for very long – you don’t want them drying out) basting with the marinade.