Goodbye sweet beautiful girl <3

I remember as clear as day the evening our precious little girl showed herself to me in Mauritius.  I was cooking dinner and she walked in from the patio and meow’ed hello.  I went down on my haunches, extended a finger and she immediately walked over and sat on my lap and never left it since.  She sat on my lap every day while I ate breakfast and while I sat at the computer and she slept, if not on me, next to me every night – under the covers in winter.  Poor island girl really felt the cold.  

Recently, she seemed a little flat; I initially put it down to the cold weather and she seemed happy snuggling and sleeping in her blankie.  Then I smelt a strange smell on her breathe and realised she was sick.

Pete was home and he too noticed the small changes in her.  A week later we took her to the vet who diagnosed her as having tick bite fever and feline aids.  It was a terrible shock but her prognosis seemed very positive.  We immediately started her on medication and special immune boosting food.

For 2 weeks we went to the vet if not every day, every other day.  They saw a lot of fight left in her and continued to inject her with antibiotics, liver support and saline.  I was now feeding and watering her every 4 hours using a syringe with small amounts of food and immune building muti as she was too weak to eat on her own, even though she desperately tried to, bless her little heart. Most times, we made it outside in time for a tinkle then she was too weak to even attempt to go outside.

The last 48 hours of her precious life were horrific as she was crying out in pain, battling to get sufficient oxygen and fitting.  I couldn’t bare seeing her suffer so.  It has been the most traumatic thing to endure and there was nothing I could do to help her or stop the gut wrenching pain!  I kept telling her how much I loved her and it was okay to let go, to go peacefully, to be pain free and I would be with her and hold her until the end. I did.

Rest gently sweet beautiful girl, you were very loved and the most wonderful dear companion I could ask for.  I miss you desperately and home is incomplete without you.  I love you. ❤

Fur Children Photoshoot – sort of

A touch frustrated with my moment of macro lens inability, I popped on my 300m lens and set about following our fur babies around the garden…

I have never seen whiskers as long as what our old girl has. She was kind enough to sit still long enough to model them perfectly for you.

A more “sporty” shot of her sniffing at a broken off branch on the olive tree which has yet to bear any fruit – starting to think it might be a wild olive.

Our boy having a lovely afternoon nap in his favourite tree which is outside my office window – love that our furries always stay close to home.

He has freckled pads – too cute!

His nap was disturbed by the rest of us making a racket at the bottom of his tree (which BTW he hijacked from his baby sister).

Our baby ferociously about to attack the blades of grass – would you look at those sharp claws!

Not the most spectacular shot but I love how you can see our house in her eye.

So there you have it, a semi successful shoot.  It was lovely being outside in the warm sunshine of an autumn afternoon.