Top 10 Kitchen Items

Top 10 kitchen items

Since living abroad for two years and being away from my kitchen and the luxury of all my kitchen wares, I have had to become somewhat adventurous when it comes to cooking and baking as the home we rent is very barely stocked.

It is also quite a challenge to have guests over as we only have 6 of everything and when I say six of everything – I mean the bare basics and essentials – not conducive to entertaining for an evening, and not to forget the ever missing dishwasher! One of the first things I am going to kiss when we return home is my dishwasher! It has been quite a task and no fun being without it.

To make things more liveable and comfortable, we had to purchase a few items to get us through day to day cooking and got me thinking about the items I just cannot be without in the kitchen.

My top ten items (groups of items) are:

  1. Chef’s knife
  2. Cutting board
  3. Measuring cups and spoons
  4. Can opener
  5. Mixing bowls
  6. Wooden spoon
  7. Spatula
  8. Pyrex dishes
  9. Wok
  10. Muffin tin

I am sure Pete would say that ice trays are missing from this list.

What are the 10 things that you could just NOT do without in your kitchen?