Baby Blankets and Cowls

I have been wanting to share baby Francesca’s blanket with you for the longest time but alas, time, as it does, caught up with me.  Subsequently I have crocheted another baby blanket for a great nephew who is due in the next few weeks and knitted and crocheted myself two cowls which were great fun.

I made both baby blankets using trebles – this goes so much faster than double crochet or half treble and will keep baby nice and warm and snug.

I must admit to having, for the first time ever, a problem with this second blanket.  I can only think it is the silver strip that is wound into the wool – it was not the easiet to work with and it seems the blanket grew a wee bit on the one end – something else I have never had a problem with before.  No matter as it was still made with love.

This knitted cowl is a mini verson of the one I saw over at Sarah’s Place.  I say mini as I used a much thinner wool than what was called for and it worked out very well and fits snuggly but lose enough around my neck without me feeling I am being strangled.  Pop over to Sarah’s Place for pattern.

For this cowl, I used a 10mm crochet hook and 2 50g balls of tweed wool.  I made a chain of 120 which I could have reduced to 110 and then joined the chain with a slip stich to form a complete round.  First round, 1 chain, skip first stich and work round in double crochet.  Next 7 rounds, 3 chain, skip first stich, work in trebles.  Last 2 rounds double crochet.


Baby James’ Blanket

I can now share with you, little James’ blanket.  Not that it was a big secret but his Mommy had not seen it yet so I thought it best to wait until after her surprise baby shower to share it with you.  I was lucky enough to be able to attend the fabulous shower and was hoping to get a better shot of the blanket than what I have here but alas.

I have never battled so much to take a photo of anything as much as I did this blanket – not matter how I draped it or folded it, it looked like a mess or a bundle of nothing.  The picture above is the best I could do -not that it shows how lovely the blanket really is.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you have on how to better photograph such an item.

This is a very special blanket as I have been asked to be James’ God Mother – what an honour and privileged to be asked, thanks Torks and Mands, I will treasure being appointed with this special duty always and I cannot wait to meet little James in February. 🙂

For those wanting to crochet a blanket for a special bundle of joy, this is what I did (not sure of crochet terminology):

10 balls baby double knitting mint green
5balls baby double knitting white
4.5mm crochet hook
Form a chain of 201 stitches
Skip the first chain and then work in double crochet through out – 2 balls green to one ball white
Make an additional chain for the start of each new row
Finish with a border of white double crochet approximately 6 rows working continuously around with an additional chain for the start of each new row
Sew in all loose strands from each new ball of wool join

I also made a double crochet border around a facecloth for baby James and had equally as much of a difficult time trying to photograph it – hope you at least get the idea.

My folks and my beanie

I hang my head in shame with having to tell you that I have still not cooked a meal other than the odd breakfast at home.  My Mom is still visiting and staying a bit longer to do a few repairs on her and my Dad’s home, so every night we pop over to the folks for supper.  What a treat!  We are very spoilt as Mom will ask what we would like to eat the next evening – all we have to do is put in our order!  Mom’s are the best!

I love you Mommy xo

My Dad drove down from Johannesburg and brought the last of our belongings from the island which we had sent over in bits and pieces and could not bring down with us when we flew.  Dad’s are the best!  Sadly, my Dad is returning to Johannesburg today – business awaits and he is just not able to stay longer which saddens my heart.  We haven’t had much time together with Pete and I being busy with sorting out the house and garden but as Dad keeps reminding me, he will be back in September for another visit. 🙂

I love you Daddy xo

I am happy to say that the last of the purchases is to replace the oven – a bit of a downgrade but a much more cost effective alternative to just replacing the stove top.  We have to wait 2 weeks for stock and having sold off the old oven, it’s a blessing to still have Mom here to keep our bellies full and happy.

One of the things I really missed while living in Mauritius was knitting and crocheting and while I am not having to cook dinner in the evenings, I sit and chat with the ever needed G&T and have knitted myself a beanie.  Please let me know if you would like the pattern, it is very easy.  I have just finalised the stitch I want to use to crochet a blanket I am going to make for a great niece or nephew who is due at the end of February.  I am sure it will be a boy but not willing to take a chance, I am using a mint green and white.