Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book – Part 12

Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book – Part 12

The chapter on Desserts and Dessert Sauces reads:

“Some people look ahead to the last chapter to make sure the book ends happily; others ask what there is for dessert before beginning dinner.  Those who ask about dessert have reason on their side, for a dessert should be planned to complement the meal.  It the main course is a sumptuous and filling one, top it off with something light and easily digested.  When the rest of the meal skimps on calories and protein, you have a chance to do your bit nutritionally with a really satisfying sweet.

Nowhere in the realm of food preparation is there a wider choice for the planner of menus.  The biscuit desserts, shortcakes, pandowdies and Dutch apple cake offer variety for seasonable fresh as well as canned and quick-frozen fruits.   Bavarian creams, charlottes and refrigerator cakes are cooling and pleasing on a summer evening; on cold winter evenings spicy hot puddings have their turn.  The many different gelatine desserts are year-round favorites, while custards, tapiocas and other milk desserts help use the milk quota.

In the range from bread puddings to strawberry shortcake, you can find not only the proper nutritive balance but the dessert that balances in time and expense.  If meat for the main course has strained the budget, choose an inexpensive dessert, attractively served; if other courses are time-consuming, let the dessert be one that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

Here again, if all is to end well, ‘Follow directions carefully’.  Overcooking or too hight a temperature will curdle the custard.  The texture of gelatine desserts depends upon the proper proportion of gelatine to liquid and the temperature at which it congeals; the successful shortcake must be made with a light tender biscuit.

Remember that cold desserts should be served well chilled, and hot desserts should be hot when they reach the table.”

The chapter has 49 pages of desserts including Apple Pandowdy, Floating Island, Coffee Jelly, Spiced Apple Snow, Prune Soufflé, Molasses Coconut Pudding and sauces such as Gold, Benedictine, Foamy, and Hard.