Beautiful Diani Beach

Our precious Africa isn’t always a positive or happy place but sometimes it just perfect when you need it to be.

Pete and I recently visited the beautiful Diani Beach again.  No words necessary, the photos tell their own story. ❤



Weekend at Diani Beach, Kenya

If ever you get the opportunity to get as far as Kenya, I highly recommend a trip to Diani Beach or close to.  The coast is magical; the beaches never ending and the weather, well, summer all year around, with the humidity you would expect in the hotter months.

Arrivals at Ukunda airport is a very simple affair of a tarpaulin and a few plastic chairs.  😀


Pete and I enjoyed the most glorious weekend having fun in the sun, eating our own body weight in glorious food and enjoying cocktails in the pool, as you do.

It was rejuvenating for the soul.

diani-feb-2017-30 diani-feb-2017-24

When the tide is low, the beach stretches and stretches and then stretches some more.

We enjoyed 2 trips on antiquated dhow style boats dug out from mango trees and patched sails to the coral reef to snorkel amongst the many wonderfully coloured fish of every shapes and colour you can think of.



Naturally after a day out at sea one needs to enjoy a cocktail or three in the pool before getting ready for sun downers and dinner.


As much as I love baobab trees, I have never seen one in real life until now.  They are beyond impressive and I could not resist hugging the first one I saw.  Amazing to think this tree is hundreds and hundreds of years old!  It is HUGE!  diani-feb-2017-71A lot of you know how much of an arachnophobic I am and it truly took a lot of courage to hold this sea spider on my hand.  Even though they only have 5 legs, the name spider is etched in my brain and this critter moved too quickly for my linking. 

Beautifully bright star fish were everywhere!  diani-feb-2017-85 Glorious ankle deep water for a good 500 meters before you get to knee deep water.  Truly amazing.


And no matter where we go in the world, a kitty or four always find their way to me withing 5 minutes of being somewhere new!  This sweet little one was very happy to snuggle on the ground next to me.


Cannot wait to go back in a few weeks time. ❤  This time with special friends.