Fur Children Photoshoot – sort of

A touch frustrated with my moment of macro lens inability, I popped on my 300m lens and set about following our fur babies around the garden…

I have never seen whiskers as long as what our old girl has. She was kind enough to sit still long enough to model them perfectly for you.

A more “sporty” shot of her sniffing at a broken off branch on the olive tree which has yet to bear any fruit – starting to think it might be a wild olive.

Our boy having a lovely afternoon nap in his favourite tree which is outside my office window – love that our furries always stay close to home.

He has freckled pads – too cute!

His nap was disturbed by the rest of us making a racket at the bottom of his tree (which BTW he hijacked from his baby sister).

Our baby ferociously about to attack the blades of grass – would you look at those sharp claws!

Not the most spectacular shot but I love how you can see our house in her eye.

So there you have it, a semi successful shoot.  It was lovely being outside in the warm sunshine of an autumn afternoon.

Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Fur Children

My friend Kim over at My Inner Chick asked to see some photos of our fur children and as previously mentioned, they are not the most co-operative of models so the best way I can photograph them is while they are sleeping.