One very good reason to clean out the fridge

Remember last week Thursday I said there was another very good reason I was cleaning out the fridge, well, it’s because my ever loving Pete has whisked me away on a romantic getaway.


Yip that’s right.  After living here for nearly 3 years, Pete and I have returned for a vacation – a belated second honeymoon if you will as well as an extension to my birthday.  Woohoo.  Loving being here as a tourist and not as a local.

Sorry I won’t be around to comment on your posts, but I am very busy r e l a x i n g AND catching up with friends we made while living here.

I will see you on the flip side soon!

Au revoir.

A Short Hiatus

A Short Hiatus

I forgot to take a pic of the garden to leave you with while I am away so here are my 3 fur babies taking a time-out – they are such professionals at relaxation.

Hiatus 1

I have come to Johannesburg to be with my Mom while she recovers from an op she had on both her feet the other day.  She doesn’t really need any looking after, it’s more just to lend a hand with a few chores and cooking as Mom isn’t allowed to be on her feet for 2 weeks – this is going to be quite a task as she is used to dashing about town every day and on occasion after all of her 6 grandchildren over weekends.

Hiatus 2

I will see you all in a couple of weeks when I am back home.  I will try and keep up to speed with as many of your posts as I can as I would hate to miss out on anything.

Hiatus 3

First things first, sushi takeaways for supper tonight, so best I go get hold of Dad so he can bring our takeaways on his way home.  You didn’t think I wasn’t also going to take a few nights off myself…