How does one explain the energy and diversity of London to someone who has not been there.  Maybe its just the country bumpkin in me who is not accustomed to big bustling cities anymore but London is alive with an electric pulsating modern energy all the while being surrounded by the respect of ancient splendor and not to forget royalty.

Having visited London previously it was easier to navigate and get around by myself (with the help of modern applications) while Pete was working and was grateful to have the time to practice my photography skills.

I reckon you could visit the UK every other week for years and not see the same thing twice, however there were “people similarities” I noticed from this and previous trips – commuters are seemingly always running late as they rush around at a frantic pace not making eye contact or acknowledging anyone else as they are too busy being absorbed by the mobile phones and how many extremely young girls are pushing babies around in prams – almost as if its a fashion statement and it seems the order of the day is wearing ripped sometimes barely there denims or plastic/pleather pants and as much makeup as possible with dolled up hairdo’s however very ill kept nails.

We walked as much as possible, averaging around 20 000 steps a day which was surprisingly easy and enjoyable.  We would have missed so much had we traveled by tube and where possible took buses versus the underground to take in all the glorious scenery when it was just too far to walk.

My favourite of all in the UK are the parks, I could make a trip of park visiting alone – they are all magnificent and I still have so many more to visit.

Think I need to start my “to see wish list” for our next trip…