Mothers – you’ve got to love them

I thought it would be a welcome break for my Mom to sit back and relax while I cooked supper the other evening.  It was still just us girls and Mom was busy with one of the contractors who is helping with the repairs to her home.  This is really a great idea, in theory that is – you see, my Mom really likes to be in control and always knows what is going on everywhere.  We joke that when Mom is not even in the room, she still knows what’s going on – and she does!  She has honed her skill to perfection!  We could never get away with anything, even if we tried!

Back to the other evening – we were having grilled lamb chops, sauté potatoes and gem squash – YUM!  All was going fine – then Mom came downstairs and wanted to know how the spuds were doing, said not to forget to add a dash of olive oil while frying the onions, and didn’t I think it was time to switch the grill on with a few other prize suggestions.  We, as we always do, go into a fit of laughter and just as soon as Mom can catch her breathe, will pipe in with another instruction or “suggestion”.  There are things like, “Babe, you know we could…” – which means we must, “Babe, do you think we should add…” – which means yes we must, “Babe, you know what else might…” which means yes it will and “You know Babe, when I…” which mean I will have to too.  Things also mysteriously find their way to the counter which means ‘must be used’  and await instruction on how much is to be used. 😉

Turns out our supper was very nice but I think I used too much butter in the pan while frying the onions for the sauté potatoes – Mom was still upstairs when I started frying them so I had not received that instruction yet – see Mom always knows best.

After all the laughing, I forgot to take a picture and only realised as we were packing the dishwasher which sent us into another fit of laughter.

Here is a picture of our lunch instead – a chicken, avo, lettuce and dash of mayo sarmie on some lovely fresh nutty brown bread.