Parsley Mayonnaise / Dressing

This must make mayonnaise dressing is based on the mayonnaise recipe I have been using since I read about it on Browniegirl’s blog. Quite honestly, there is no other way to go when making mayonnaise as it doesn’t get easier or quicker than this and the variations are endless.  I was beyond thrilled with the result of this adaption of the recipe that I am quite tempted to use it on most everything.  I slightly changed a couple of the ingredient quantities and added a few others – what resulted is beyond delicious!

Parsley Mayonnaise / Dressing


1 extra large  egg at room temperature
5ml hot English mustard powder
10ml fresh lemon juice
10ml white vinegar
2.5ml salt
2.5ml black pepper
5ml honey
1 garlic clove
Generous handful of flat leaf parsley
200ml grapeseed oil or canola/olive/sunflower or a combination of the oils


  1. Place all the ingredients, starting with the egg and ending with the oil in the beaker.
  2. Push your blender into the beaker, immersing it completely so that it rests on the bottom of the beaker.
  3. Start blending at high speed for 15 seconds without moving the blender from the bottom.
  4. Holding the beaker still with one hand slowly raise the blender until it just reaches the top of the contents and then slowly push it down again, blending all the time for 15 seconds.