In My Kitchen – March 2016

I missed January and February this year.  Clearly not off to a very quick start to 2016.

Thanks to Maureen over at The Orgasmic Chef for taking over the monthly installment get together and round up from our dear friend Celia.  I am looking forward to tagging along with everyone.

In my kitchen…

Is the most beautiful gift from Celia all the way from Australia!  It is currently holding a place in John Kehoe’s book, Mind Power.

Celica book mark

In my kitchen…

Are bone handled tea knives, a gift from my mom who knows how much I love bone handled cutlery.  Can’t wait to butter a scone using them.  Think I will have to arrange a tea party. 🙂

bone handled cake knives

In my kitchen…

Is a homemade cake platter.  I have been hunting for one to hold 6 “Mandy sized” cupcakes but all have been too small.  So while in Joburg, I found the perfect plate and shallow bowl which I inverted and stuck to the base of the plate using epoxy.

medium cake holder

In my kitchen…

Is a pretty blue “silpat” baking mat from my cousin Renee – which reminds me I still need to make the crackers I have been trying to make since December.


In my kitchen…

Is a gorgeous toothpick holder, a gift from my ever loving Pete.

Toothpick holder

In my kitchen…

Were some healthy snacks, fab chocies and what was my favourite spice until it was finished, all from my lovely sister in law Trishy.


What’s in your kitchen this month?

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In My Kitchen – November 2012

In My Kitchen – November 2012

“They” say, the older you get, the quicker the years go by – I must be ancient because this year has literally flown by.  Cannot believe there is only one more addition of In My Kitchen to do for this year!  Think I may have to work on a wee bit of a Christmas theme for next month.

In my kitchen…

Is Pete’s beer mug which he received from his folks for his 18th Birthday.  Can you see the date at the bottom of the mug?

In my kitchen…

Is a lovely cake stencil which I must admit to never having used before.  If memory serves, it come as a free gift with a magazine a good few years ago.

In my kitchen…

Is a toothpick holder which stands next to my spices in the cupboard – they come in super handy for testing if fish is cooked and sealing a stuffed chicken cavity.

In my kitchen…

Is a novel yet handy egg slicer which works really well.

In my kitchen…

Are Pete’s egg cups for soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

In my kitchen…

Is a bone handled cake knife (sorry pic is a bit blurgh).  Sadly the old brain cannot recollect where I got it from.

What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun.