Melody’s Tripe

As promised, I asked Melody for her tripe recipe and she lovingly shared it with me.  She never gave specific measurements for any of the ingredients; depending on the quantities you are preparing, I think it is all very self explanatory.  So with no further ado…

Melody’s Tripe


Tripe cut into bite size pieces (fresh or frozen)
White Sauce


  1. Cook the tripe in a covered dish over night in a low oven (100°C) covered in water and salt to taste or until the tripe is tender.  Check periodically in case more liquid is required.
  2. Chop the onions and fry until soft.
  3. Make a white sauce.
  4. Remove any liquid from the tripe and stir in the onions and white sauce.
  5. Cook for a further hour.

From Tripe to Sushi

I have always said and still maintain that I have quite an adventurous palette when it comes to trying new foods and flavours – I do however have to draw the line at tripe!  This seems to be a common thread in the family except for my dad who has loved tripe and onions and curried tripe since he was a young boy.  A couple of years ago Pete (such a brave husband) said that he would be willing to give it a try if my dad cooked it.  All was going well until dad was banished to cooking his tripe outside (it really does leave your home smelling quite horrible) plus I made the mistake of telling Pete what I thought it smelt like whilst cooking (sorry can’t share that here), which put Pete right off having his first taste of tripe – they talk enough tripe when they are together though to make up for it. 😉

Melody's Tripe and Onions - not sure even my real camera could make this look tasty

Fast forward a couple of years and my cousins MIL said that she would prepare some tripe for my dad as a birthday treat.  Melody was kind enough to prepare enough tripe and onions for a family of 20!  Dad enjoyed 2 healthy portions for his lunch while most of the family just quietly sat and watched.  Pete dished up a morsel onto a side plate and said that he enjoyed the flavour but thought the texture was going to take some getting used to.  My mom was equally as brave and said that she would also have a taste (maybe not the best idea) and said that it was the flavour that was a problem for her and not the texture.  Me, I still remain unchanged on my decision to taste tripe and don’t feel in anyway deprived by my adamant decision.  I just cannot do it!  I sit here with gritted teeth at the mere thought.

Dad is in his element with quite a few frozen tripe portions ready to be reheated whenever he feels like it.

My cousin Renee ended our ordeal (for us not dad) and became a hero to us all, by bringing sushi for birthday dinner starters.  Delicious!

Now this is more like it! No matter the camera, this is scrumptious.

Do you enjoy tripe or do you sit on the same side of the fence as me?  If you are on my dad’s side of the fence, I am sure Melody would be more than willing to share her recipe, let me know and I will get it from her to share with you.