Take a walk with me in our village (evening shots)

My mom and I (yip she was here again) took a stroll one evening after an early dinner and I took these shots between 19h00 and 19h20.  It is amazing that you can take such “daylight” shots at an hour when the sun is setting, without using a flash.  The morning after taking these shots I learnt about 2 new features that may have produced better looking pics.  I will have another walk around soon to find out.

Have a happy day. 🙂

Take a walk around our village with me

I have been thoroughly enjoying learning all there is to learn about my camera and each day, I figure out something new to try out.  I will calm down with photographing soon, I promise, well I promise to try.  In the meanwhile, I would like to take you for a walk around our village where we live.  I will get back to the kitchen for new recipes soon.

Maybe I will start “Wordless Wednesday” posts…

Have a happy day. 🙂