This is what my dinns consists of most evenings of late, with a variation of fish and chicken so there hasn’t been a recipe the past couple of weeks.  Apologies for the bad quality photograph.

Steak and salad

T-Bone steak and salad with a yoghurt and sweet chilli dressing 

I have over the past while gained a few unwanted kilos, which wasn’t too difficult to accomplish however trying to get rid of them aint so easy!  It is very true the older you get, the more difficult it is to shed a few kilos.  So in light of an important birthday coming up in May, I thought I would get a head start before I am officially, well let’s just say a little older.

Anyhoo, without dwelling on the unwanted weight, I have been a very good girl the past couple of weeks watching my calorie intake, increasing my portein, using minimal fat and have for the most part cut carbs out all together – something I didn’t believe was possible, but here I am a couple of weeks in and I am still here to tell the tale.  I have never really had much of a sweet tooth so I haven’t cut  back on my sugar intake except for consuming very little fruit.  I am not officially dieting as I don’t believe in diets, I am just being concious of what I am eating.

An average breakfast consists of an egg or two usually scrambled or an omelet of sorts and occasionally a wee cheat with brown bread French toast.  Lunch is a salad with protein of sorts and supper pretty much consisting of the same alternatively stir fried veggies with protein.  I have not deprived myself of my wine (yip, I have forgone the gin and tonics) and enjoy a spritzer (which also helps with the calories) in the evenings with my meal.  If I get peckish through the day, I will have a yoghurt and I drink lots of water with lemon and still quite a few cups of tea.

I don’t anticipate I would be this successful in winter, although, I could survive on soup and carb free hearty stews.

So here’s to me reaching the point (soon I hope) where I feel comfortable again – I have no idea what that equates to in kilos as I am not particularly concerned with what number the scale throws out at me.  Once “there” I will slowly incorporate the foods I have cut out so I can maintain my comfort level.