In My Kitchen – September 2012

In My Kitchen – September 2012

YIPPEE, it’s Spring, well officially anyway.  With no further ado, straight into it…

In my kitchen…

Is a beautiful bone handled set of fish cutlery – now if I just had the reset of the canteen for all the other courses.

In my kitchen…

Are 4 serving spoons which I got from my MIL.  They are perfect for spooning batter for cupcakes and the like – they have a lovely narrow tip which helps eliminate spillage.

In my kitchen…

Is my favourite ice cream scoop.  Sadly though, I cannot remember if I bought it myself or if I received it as a gift.  This past winter has clearly got to my brain.

In my kitchen…

Is a mini grater (not that you would say so from the picture though) which I use more often than my regular grater.  It’s works extremely well and is perfect for single portion cheese topping.

In my kitchen…

Is ANOTHER icing nozzle.  In fairness though, it is a different size – I am still hunting for “that” perfect nozzle.  Hopefully this will be it.  I will get cracking with some baking and let you know.

In my kitchen…

Is a gorgeous cheese board which I got as a birthday pressie a couple of years back from my Godson’s parents, very special.

What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun.


58 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – September 2012

  1. I love shiny things, i am a bit of a magpie like that, so everything i saw today that is in your kitchen I just wanted to pick up and play with, especially that ice cream scoop, i love the fish knives. Also you have reminded me that i need to get a little zester, in the absence of a mini grater which of course now i want too! i am getting greedy.. morning mandy! c

  2. Mandy! What wonderful items you have in your kitchen! I love all the cutlery – I discovered fish knives recently in the drawer (as you do) and they’re so lovely that I’ve been using them to spread butter on toast! Your icecream scoop is a hoot! And I love the crab cheese board.. xx

  3. Oh my!! I LOVE these Mandy, all of them! That fish cutlery set is so beautiful, I’d love to find something like this. And that ice cream scoop is adorable! I love these posts!! Thanks for sharing Mandy. Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  4. I love the fish knives. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a full set like that. I love the ice cream scoop too and ice cream scoops remind me of summer – I can’t wait! xx

  5. Your fish cutlery is beautiful, Mandy, and must bring many compliments when set out for dinner. I think it is really quite nice that your kitchen has so many items from people you hold dear. Every month, you mention another object or two that came from a family member. They make your kitchen so much more than just a room to cook food. 🙂

    • Like I say – only officially, it’s freezing here too – I am seriously starting to get irritable with this weather – makes me miss Mauritius! Sorry that we have not connected for the photography but things have been a wee bit upside down and inside out the last short while! Hopefully we can start next week. Love to you, Terry and the fur babies. 🙂 xo

  6. I have a small grater too- but I’ve been using my microplane zester for most everything lately.
    Your fish knives are lovely- love that cheese board- so handy yet elegant.
    And I like the ice cream scoop, but doesn’t the handle dig into your hand? I need a smooth handle- maybe my ice cream is just too frozen.

  7. Hi Mandy – so pleased I have found your site/blog. I’ve spent this morning going through it and it’s fab! I’m a South African living in France now, and have introduced some of my friends and neighbours to the joys of vetkoek, koeksusters, and I even served bobotie at a dinner party recently. Went down very well! I’m looking forward to trying out a lot of your recipes I see on the right here. Just love your fish knives and forks…sadly not too many people use those for fish course anymore. Thanks again for a great site!

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