I went Golfing – sort of…

I made a hash of things somewhere along the line so the photos are a tad small in this post – sorry.

Dad and Pete play a game of golf together whenever they get the opportunity and I have years worth of golf talk under my belt from listening to them both, often simultaneously.

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 29

Now you see it

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 30

Now you don’t

The folks were recently down for a visit and Dad brought his golf clubs with and as luck would have it, Pete was home at the same time.  They boys enjoyed a game together in howling gale force wind and decided they just have to play second round before the folks head back home and Pete’s next business trip.

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 33

Ball in motion

This is where I come in…  I was invited with to enjoy a round with them, although I would not be swinging a golf club – just as well as a day or three earlier I hit a “freshie” in the garden which tickled both Dad and Pete who enjoyed a good giggle at my missing the ball.  I believe if we were on the golf course, I would have had to drop 2 shots.

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 94

Action shot out of the bunker

My responsibility for the day was to drive the golf cart – what fun!  I zoomed around between Dad and Pete for them to change golf clubs and to offer one of the two a reprieve from having to walk to find a ball which had gone AWOL in the rough.

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 77

Our chariot

We encounted some wildlife too -there were monkeys, geese, mongooses (yip it’s not mongese) and buck.

Golfing with Dad and Pete July 2013 287

The club house

All in all, even though it was quite chilly for a good portion of the early morning round, I thoroughly enjoyed the day out with my dad and hubby and would gladly be their cart driver again.


28 thoughts on “I went Golfing – sort of…

  1. I have only one small word of advise for golfers, if you decide to get frustrated and throw your clubs, please throw your club it in the direction that you are walking. Take Care, BAM

    • Dad and Pete were telling me a few of the rules and the likes and I think a golfer would get a rather hefty fine of sorts if they were to throw their golf club. I would like to capture that on camera though… Have a super day Bam. 🙂 xo

  2. It has been ages since I attempted to play golf and it will be at least that long before I do so again. I just wasn’t meant to play. I’ll be at the 19th Hole, waiting for you all to finish and join me. No need to rush. 😉

  3. Oh you got the best deal ever on that outing! I never really understood why people got so excited about golf. I mean for me it’s just “hit the ball, go find the ball, hit the ball, go find the ball”. I play tennis & other than a few sky shots, I always know where my balls are.
    But remember that story about the exploding golf balls in the microwave…do not tell them to warm up their balls!

    • I must admit Diane, I too can’t find the appeal about playing golf, especially seeing the G O L F stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden!
      Hee hee, I remember your exploding chicken post. 😀 I don’t think Dad and Pete will try and microwave their balls but on occasion have been left to the their own devices! Mom was visiting here with me and Pete was up in Johannesburg on business and stayed with Dad. They decided to have a steak and chips dinner and after deep frying their chips, thought a fried egg would round the meal off perfectly and with boys being boys, thought it too much work to take out an extra frying pan to fry their eggs so decided seeing that the oil was already there and hot, would deep fry their eggs – well, let’s just say mom’s kitchen was a HUGE mess! It still makes them laugh when they tell their story. 🙂 xo

  4. Hi Mandy I tried golf a few time but, alas, I am not very sporty and never really go the hang of it. Driving the buggy sounds like fun, though …

    • Hmm… although I am sure you must still get some exercise swinging the club and bending to put your ball on a tee or taking it out of the hole. I will have to check with Dad and Pete. As far as I know Norma, you used the term perfectly correct. Have a super weekend. 🙂 xo

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