In My Kitchen – November 2012

In My Kitchen – November 2012

“They” say, the older you get, the quicker the years go by – I must be ancient because this year has literally flown by.  Cannot believe there is only one more addition of In My Kitchen to do for this year!  Think I may have to work on a wee bit of a Christmas theme for next month.

In my kitchen…

Is Pete’s beer mug which he received from his folks for his 18th Birthday.  Can you see the date at the bottom of the mug?

In my kitchen…

Is a lovely cake stencil which I must admit to never having used before.  If memory serves, it come as a free gift with a magazine a good few years ago.

In my kitchen…

Is a toothpick holder which stands next to my spices in the cupboard – they come in super handy for testing if fish is cooked and sealing a stuffed chicken cavity.

In my kitchen…

Is a novel yet handy egg slicer which works really well.

In my kitchen…

Are Pete’s egg cups for soft boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

In my kitchen…

Is a bone handled cake knife (sorry pic is a bit blurgh).  Sadly the old brain cannot recollect where I got it from.

What’s in your kitchen this month?  Please remember to link back to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial if you partake in the fun.


43 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – November 2012

  1. Mandy, hasn’t the year gone quickly! We must all be ancient! 🙂 Hope everything is ok in your kitchen again – it’s so good of you to take time to do this post given all that’s been going on! Pete’s beer mug is a lovely old piece to have, as is your bonehandled knife – we have a few, and they’re very well loved, although they’re discolouring a bit since we put them in the dishwasher! I must admit, I’ve never used an egg slicer before!

    Have a wonderful November! xx

    • It’s frightening how quickly this year has flown by Celia, but I must say that I will be happy to see the back of it. 2012 has not been the nicest of years world wide. I have a few other bone handled knives that look a bit sad too. Have a happy November too. 🙂 xo

  2. If that is an 8 at the end then Pete is 6 years younger than me 🙂 I’ve taken the pics for my IMK just need to write it up.

    • Very close, it’s a 9. I wonder what stories we would hear if we could turn the clock back nearly 34 years – I bet that mug has quite a few to share… Looking forward to seeing what’s in your kitchen too. Have a happy day. 🙂 xo

  3. What lovely things. That beer mug is a great gift for an 18 year old and how lovely you still have it. I would love to have some bone handled knives. I love the cake stencil. I’m trying to source a hibiscus print at the moment for a cake I’ve been commissioned to make xx

  4. You’re right, Mandy. This year has flown by! In a flash, we’ll be welcoming 2013. Your cake stencil brought a smile. I have a set of 3 cake stencils — none of which have ever been used. They are among my “Wishful Thinking” purchases. Better that name than “What was I thinking?”
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I think I have one of those egg slicie thingies in a drawer somewhere – ha! I also have a salad spinner I hardly use either. Have got to start making my life easier. Have a Great One:)

  6. I love these posts Mandy, they’re like eye candy. You find the coolest stuff 🙂 I adore those little egg cups, I’d love to wake up to eggs in those.

  7. I sure hope that 2013 will be a better year than 2012 has been…for all of us! Love the cake stencil and it’s something I don’t have. I also love you wooden toothpick holder, such a great item for a kitchen. Happy November, Mandy!

  8. Lovely post-
    I love all the nostalgic pieces you shared.
    The egg cups really made me smile- I love egg cups but my family thinks they are silly- but then they are over easy and scrambled egg fans.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Heidi, hope you have had a good month. We are all kind of egg people, fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, omelet, eggy bread, the lot. Heading over to see what’s in your lovely kitchen this month. 🙂

  9. It sure is a truth that the years go by faster as we get older. And I find it hard to reconcile the gray-haired man in the mirror with the youthful guy inside. What happened?!

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