Mothers – you’ve got to love them

I thought it would be a welcome break for my Mom to sit back and relax while I cooked supper the other evening.  It was still just us girls and Mom was busy with one of the contractors who is helping with the repairs to her home.  This is really a great idea, in theory that is – you see, my Mom really likes to be in control and always knows what is going on everywhere.  We joke that when Mom is not even in the room, she still knows what’s going on – and she does!  She has honed her skill to perfection!  We could never get away with anything, even if we tried!

Back to the other evening – we were having grilled lamb chops, sauté potatoes and gem squash – YUM!  All was going fine – then Mom came downstairs and wanted to know how the spuds were doing, said not to forget to add a dash of olive oil while frying the onions, and didn’t I think it was time to switch the grill on with a few other prize suggestions.  We, as we always do, go into a fit of laughter and just as soon as Mom can catch her breathe, will pipe in with another instruction or “suggestion”.  There are things like, “Babe, you know we could…” – which means we must, “Babe, do you think we should add…” – which means yes we must, “Babe, you know what else might…” which means yes it will and “You know Babe, when I…” which mean I will have to too.  Things also mysteriously find their way to the counter which means ‘must be used’  and await instruction on how much is to be used. 😉

Turns out our supper was very nice but I think I used too much butter in the pan while frying the onions for the sauté potatoes – Mom was still upstairs when I started frying them so I had not received that instruction yet – see Mom always knows best.

After all the laughing, I forgot to take a picture and only realised as we were packing the dishwasher which sent us into another fit of laughter.

Here is a picture of our lunch instead – a chicken, avo, lettuce and dash of mayo sarmie on some lovely fresh nutty brown bread.


48 thoughts on “Mothers – you’ve got to love them

  1. It´s funny my mum and I are very alike which often ends up with us snapping at each other (then drinking the wine and making up and laughing) but the one place we don´t row is in the kitchen! Yes, you´ve got to love ´em!

  2. Hi Mands, I had a good giggle at this one! Your mom is still the ONLY woman I know who can “build” a home, make sure there is a yummy dinner on the table and still be laughing at the end of all of it. Love you Mom Olsen!

  3. LOL! This post made me laugh because it is exactly something that would happen with me and my mom or grandmother. My grandmother though would be hovering over my shoulder making sure I did everything right and my mom would be “teaching” me from the next room and then come in to find out if I did it right! LOL!

  4. I’m just loving the stories about your mom. They are so heartfelt and warm. It sounds like you are all having a great time. You’re going to cherish these memories. 🙂

  5. This post really did make me laugh. My mum died when I was very young so the only one who makes the changes in my kitchen is my godmother when she visits. And she does it so sweetly and with such confidence that i just do it without even pausing. So cool to laugh with a wine. c

  6. You and your mom are too cute, I love it. I love cooking in the kitchen with my mom as well, it’s so much fun. Sounds like you had a great time together and yummy dinner!

  7. Oooh… I felt this personally as I do the “mom” role every time my daughter steps into the kitchen. Reading this has made me see it through her eyes; she laughs when I make my comments but I think next time I’ll just sit back and not say a word!

  8. My mom was like that before but now I just tell her to sit back and relax, enjoy the wait otherwise you get older. To my suprise she follows my instructions 🙂

  9. Oh girl.. I think me and you have the same mother LOL. Mine has to be in control, know everything, and has to have some say it what’s going on with anything. But we couldn’t live without them right? I love my mom. And I must say.. I love that sandwich. There’s nothing better than a chicken sandwich

  10. It’s funny once you’re older but growing up (as a teenager) with a Mum that just always seems to know what’s going on can be trying at times he he. I think most parents always ‘know better’, but that’s why we love them! I’ll take that sanger too thank you!

    • If O Bunn ever needs any support, you know where to find me – 😉 I wouldn’t trade my mother for anything in the world and I’m sure O Bunn will be equally as appreciative as what I have always been. Have a happy afternoon. 🙂 xo

    • Hi Geni. I can also be a bit sensitive sometimes – kind of knocks my confidence in the kitchen a bit which makes me second guess my decisions but it is much easier to laugh at it all. Have a happy weekend. 🙂

  11. My mom is the same way. Definitely knows best and must be sure that we know it at all times. Then gets very annoyed when we burst into fits of laughter because we all knew what she was going to do or say already. 🙂 I wonder if my kiddos will tease me like that when they’re adults!!!

    • Oh my yes, I forgot about the “knowing what Mom is going to say or do” bit. We do rag my mom about that too. They do say that we turn into our mothers, but I am sure by the time your kiddos are all grown up, things will be different. Have a happy weekend. 🙂

  12. I didn’t realize I missed this post – sorry. I enjoyed the story about your mom. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person (and I even saw her in the piccture!). As a mom of two I hope I can be like your mother… 🙂

  13. As the mom in my corner of the world, I guess that I can’t say much – other than you made me laugh hard AND – good girl for knowing Mom knows best! Your sammie looks delish and it’s literally the combo I eat almost every day at lunch time! Anything with avocado is the best! Thanks for giving me such a good laugh tonight. Cheers!

    • Hi Mary Anne, thanks for stopping by. I am happy to have made you laugh. 😀 I agree, anything with avo is the best! I am making up for lost time of not eating avo’s in Mauritius for two and a half years – the avos there were imported and were always pitch black inside from being refrigerated or were very watery and yucky. Have a happy week. 🙂

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